Pros and Cons of a Portable Laptop Power Bank

Picture this: you’ve prepared the best presentation, perfected your words, and groomed yourself immaculately for an important meeting. You’re ready. But just before presenting, you discover that you forgot to bring your power adapter, and your laptop’s battery life is barely holding on at 10%.

This is why laptop power banks exist - to provide you with the quickest solution for unforeseen situations like this. A laptop power bank is affordable and light, yet capable of outputting sufficient power to recharge your device. This makes it an essential backup item.

However, this does not apply to a CMOS battery, which usually needs to be replaced after a few years. For laptop owners stuck without a nearby power outlet, there are many reasons why you must always have a laptop power bank at hand.

Reasons to have a laptop power bank

There are multiple ways for you to charge your laptop without using a dedicated power adapter. Among them is charging using a laptop power bank instead, which is probably the easiest and simplest method. There are a few different reasons for this; some are:


Life is unpredictable. You can never quite expect what’s to come, and the same applies to your laptop. You might get caught up with too much work to notice that you left your laptop’s adapter at home. Even worse, it might happen while you’re travelling out of town.

In situations like these, you might need to use your laptop for various reasons, including work or other needs. This is where a laptop power bank comes to the rescue. By keeping it handy inside your computer bag, you can easily use it to charge your laptop when you need it most. Just remember to charge it fully beforehand, and you’re all set.

Alternative power source

Sometimes, you might have a problem with faulty wall sockets or even the absence of one entirely. In this scenario, even if you have a laptop adapter, it’s still unusable. That’s why you need to have a power bank while commuting or visiting a new location.

Let’s say you plan a family camping trip. There are many reasons why anyone in the family might need to use their personal computer. Since there will be no power outlet available, you can lend your power bank to charge their laptop instead.

Working on-the-go

Certain jobs, tasks, or meetings require people to be on the move. A journalist is just one example, constantly chasing headlines while meeting many people on a daily basis.

A laptop power bank is crucial for people working in fast-paced environments like this. Being on the lookout for a power outlet after every interview or meeting is tiring, especially when others are doing the same while working away from the office. If you always have a power bank with you, you can work anywhere, even at the park.

Can be used by multiple devices

A power bank for laptops can also be used to charge your mobile devices. All laptop power banks are specifically designed to output higher voltages due to the bigger power consumption required to recharge notebooks.  This usually makes the device charge faster, but for this purpose, you should use a premium charging cable.

Normal power banks offer smaller output values, which suit lighter devices like phones or tablets. However, they are insufficient to power a fully-functioning laptop, let alone charge it. This is why you should always have at least one laptop power bank at home, in case you need it.

Pros and cons of a laptop power bank

Pros and cons of a laptop power bankPros and cons of a laptop power bank

A laptop power bank seems like the perfect accessory to accompany you wherever you go, but it does come with certain risks and limitations. Let’s run down some of the pros and cons of charging your computer using a laptop power bank:


+ Portable

The most obvious benefit of using a laptop power bank is its portability. Common laptop power banks usually aren’t much bigger than smartphones, but more powerful ones are significantly larger and heavier.

That said, laptop power banks are easily kept anywhere, especially inside a computer bag. After buying one, assuming it’s fully charged, you can leave it inside your bag with other accessories before using it when your laptop needs some juice.

Speaking of computer items, you should also consider purchasing an external hard drive to back up your important computer files in case you can’t save them before the laptop battery dies out.

+ Budget-friendly

Surprisingly, laptop power banks are not that expensive. Although a laptop power bank is more powerful than a mobile battery charger, many are sold for well below RM200. You might even get one as an optional bundle item during a seasonal sale.

Since a laptop power bank can also power your smartphone and tablet, you’re essentially paying for three different chargers for the price of one. The HP USB-C Notebook Power Bank or HP Spectre USB-C Power Pack are two recommended laptop power banks proven to be extremely reliable and durable.

+ Multi-functional

A laptop power bank can charge your phone and smart tablet too, which exceeds its role in more ways than one. You don’t need to buy extra power banks for your mobile devices anymore, keeping your luggage light.

If you have a Bluetooth headset, you can also use the laptop’s power bank to charge it up. Some power banks even offer extra features like a flashlight, which is useful in various situations.

+ On-the-spot charger

Is your notebook running low on power during class? Take out your laptop power station. Watching a movie in bed, but your computer’s dying out? Again, connect it to a power bank, and you’re all good.

These are just a few examples showing how a laptop power bank can be used impromptu whenever you need it. It’s hassle-free and convenient, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.


- Easily-damaged components

Although laptop power banks have sturdy casings that provide some protection from external scratches and knocks, the electrical components inside are still vulnerable to damage by things like rough vibrations or extreme temperatures.

Just like any other electronic device, a laptop power bank houses internal circuitry that is small and fragile. If a power bank is struck hard enough or falls from certain heights, its internal parts can still be affected, even if the exterior shows minimal harm.

Power banks may also burst or explode when subjected to prolonged exposure to heat. This usually happens when a power bank is left inside the car for too long during a hot day.

- Overcharging

Like other personal devices, overcharging can also adversely affect a laptop power bank. After reaching 100% capacity, leaving it to charge for longer can affect its battery life and, in certain cases, damage its circuitry.

Premium brands like Belkin use top-grade materials to limit such risks, although they can never be completely negated. It works the same way when you charge your laptop for too long, harming the computer’s battery health in the long run.

If your laptop power bank seems to store less charge over time, overcharging might be one of its probable causes, forcing you to buy a new one later.

- Compatibility issues

Although laptop power stations share similar features to mobile power banks, certain important specs differ. First, the maximum voltage output of a laptop power bank is higher than a mobile power bank, and this is because your laptop requires even more power to recharge its battery. 

Different laptops have different power requirements, too, like the OMEN by HP Gaming Laptop, which needs more than 200W to function properly, let alone charge it. Because each notebook is different, it might be harder for you to find the right laptop power bank for your personal computer.

- Counterfeit products

Nowadays, it’s becoming harder to discern top-quality products from low-grade copies, including laptop power banks. You might be tempted to buy a portable power bank with an attractive casing and neat packaging that promises off-the-shelf specs. 

However, knock-off brands usually use cheap materials to cut costs, increasing the risk of the power bank malfunctioning, or harming you. That’s why you should only visit official stores or websites to find a laptop power bank that matches your preferences, is covered by warranty, and is safe to use.


Generally, power banks make our lives a lot easier, regardless if they were made specifically for computers or personal devices. Nevertheless, proper habits and care need to be exercised to minimise the risks of damaging a power bank while maximising its usage.

Sometimes, your laptop might not even function while being powered by a working power bank, indicating other possibilities that require different fixes to turn your computer back on. If you’re always away from the office, maybe it’s time to consider buying a new laptop with longer battery life instead, making you less dependent on alternative power sources while on the move.

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