Monthly Archives: November 2022

  1. How to Set Up Dual Monitors on Windows 10

    How to Set Up Dual Monitors on Windows 10

    If you feel limited by the size of your computer display, consider getting a second monitor and setting up a dual monitor display. A dual-monitor setup is a great way to expand your computer display and speed up your workflow.

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  2. How Do I Turn Off Touch Screen?

    How Do I Turn Off Touch Screen?

    Touch screen displays have critical functionality and benefits to provide a more streamlined and convenient workflow. With more support for mobility and collaboration than traditional displays, a touch screen can have a big impact on how you use your laptop or display. It can also provide a deeper connection to your work and entertainment.

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  3. How to Check Your Computer's CPU Temperature

    How to Check Your Computer's CPU Temperature

    If you’ve used a PC, chances are you’ve experienced a spike in central processing unit (CPU) temperature at some point. Sometimes, it’s the result of aging hardware. But it can also happen during periods of heavy use.

    Either way, having your computer overheat is a relatively common problem. Unfortunately it can have significant implications, often foreshadowing later issues or a decline in peak performance.

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  4. How to Recycle Old Computers

    How to Recycle Old Computers

    Sometimes it feels like the latest piece of technology becomes obsolete the second you take it out of the box. And every time we do make an upgrade, it leaves many of us with old laptops that collect dust. Don’t forget about that mobile phone container that holds both smart and “dumb” devices and fills up more with each contract renewal.

    Like bags of batteries and Styrofoam waste, it’s no surprise most people don’t know where you can recycle old computers, broken printers, and outdated PC monitors.

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  5. How to Print Labels

    How to Print Labels

    You can use labels for all kinds of projects, from shipping packages to creating a more efficient home organization system. And when you print them at home, you can save both time and money. Learn how to print labels of any size for a variety of uses with this step-by-step guide.

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  6. How to Trade in Your Laptop for Your Small Business

    How to Trade in Your Laptop for Your Small Business

    Whether you’re running a tech-savvy company or not, you will at some point need to upgrade your computer systems. And in doing so, you may look to trade in your old devices for something new.

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  7. What is a Thunderbolt Port in PCs and Monitors?

    What is a Thunderbolt Port in PCs and Monitors
    Remember the days of the box of miscellaneous computer cables? When you wanted to hook up a second monitor or a new pair of speakers, each accessory required a different cable that would eventually get lost in the office jumble.
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