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  1. What is HP ePrint and How Can I Use It?

    What is HP ePrint

    HP ePrint changes the way you’re used to printing with a more refined, user-centered design. With HP ePrint, you can bring photos, documents, and more to life with the touch of a button, from literally anywhere. On most printers, your device connects via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth. While this functionality works when you’re in your home or at the office, it can be less than ideal for traveling professionals who don’t always have access to these technologies. Imagine a time when your colleagues needed immediate access to a printed document saved solely to your local device. With only a standard printer connection, this inconvenience could quickly become a corporate emergency. HP ePrint’s universal connectivity gives you access to your printer with a quick, simple email. So what exactly does email have to do with printing?

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  2. 5 Best HP Laser Printers for Every Need

    5 Best HP Laser Printers for Every Need
    It’s no wonder that laser printers are a staple in just about every business, no matter how big or small. They’re fast, they’re economical, and now they can even print in color. At HP, we know a thing or two about laser printers. After all, we developed the very first desktop laser printer in 1984 with the original HP LaserJet. Today, we build a huge variety of laser printers so you can find one that suits your printing needs perfectly.
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  3. 5 Best Compact Wireless Laser Printers from HP

    5 Best Compact Wireless Laser Printers from HP

    Laser printers are no longer an extravagance for only large-sized enterprises. They’re now used by every size business across every conceivable industry. Not only are there many cost-effective models, but they are also offered in compact sizes with wireless capabilities.

    Compact wireless laser printers fit virtually any space and budget, and are especially compatible for home and home office use.

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  4. The 5 Best HP Color Laser Printers for Home Use

    The 5 Best HP Color Laser Printers for Home

    While laser printers are typically thought of as more expensive than ink-based printers, these days the best color printer for home office use is more affordable than you think.

    In addition to being budget-friendly, today’s laser printer is more compact and easier to use than older models. You can also find these printers at a variety of price points, with both affordable

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