computer cables

  1. What Monitor Ports Types Do I Need?

    what monitor ports do i need

    Selecting the right monitor port type for your needs is essential, because most monitors don’t come with all five types of display ports. That’s why it’s important to know which monitor cable is relevant for which device, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each one of these video port types on a new monitor.

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  2. DisplayPort vs HDMI: Which is Better?

    Displayport vs hdmi

    Whether you’re a power PC user or simply want more flexibility in your home office setup, you should understand the different uses of these two popular connector cables. It’ll make your computing experience vastly more enjoyable. Take a look at the various pros and cons of DisplayPort vs HDMI with us to get a firm grasp on their varying capabilities.

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  3. What is a Thunderbolt Port in PCs and Monitors?

    What is a Thunderbolt Port in PCs and Monitors
    Remember the days of the box of miscellaneous computer cables? When you wanted to hook up a second monitor or a new pair of speakers, each accessory required a different cable that would eventually get lost in the office jumble.
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  4. How to Connect a Laptop to Your TV

    How to Connect a Laptop to Your TV
    Whether you want to use an HDMI cable or go wireless, here’s a guide for everything you need to know on how to connect a computer to a TV.
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  5. How to Connect a Printer to Your Computer

    How to Connect a Printer to Your Computer
    In our digital age, printing comes in two forms - wired and wireless. We’ll walk you through how to connect a printer to your computer, laptop, or handheld device.
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