computer cpu

  1. How to Check Your Computer's CPU Temperature

    how to check cpu temperature

    If you’ve used a PC, chances are you’ve experienced a spike in central processing unit (CPU) temperature at some point. Sometimes, it’s the result of aging hardware. But it can also happen during periods of heavy use. Either way, having your computer overheat is a relatively common problem. Unfortunately it can have significant implications, often foreshadowing later issues or a decline in peak performance. That’s why we should all try to keep tabs on CPU temperature and know exactly how to check for it. Luckily, there are several different ways to do so, including a DIY method and a variety of software tools to consider.

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  2. CPU Cores: How Many Do I Need?

    cpu cores how many do i need

    These components can directly determine the type of software you can run and how many programs your PC can handle at once. Planning ahead for your computing needs can save you time, frustration, and expense down the road. However, knowing exactly how many cores are necessary for your optimal functionality can be tricky.

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