1. Essential HP Tech for Small Business Start-ups in Hong Kong

    Essential HP Tech for Small Business Start-ups in Hong Kong

    Start-ups in Hong Kong face a range of challenges unique to the city's business environment. Hong Kong is known for its high cost of living, including expensive office spaces, housing, and labour costs. Each new hire and every additional tool you purchase needs to be carefully considered to avoid wasted resources.

    Founders make dozens of decisions every day, constantly weighing risk against reward, with the vision of solving real problems and improving people’s lives. Knowing which types of tech for small business start-ups are most likely to contribute to growth and prevent unnecessary headaches can be a huge asset. 

    HP can help you take some of the guesswork out of your office and productivity decisions. Join along to learn which tools for small businesses are built to give you the upper hand to navigate Hong Kong’s competitive start-up scene and thrive.

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  2. 3 Best HP OMEN Laptops for Serious Gamers

    3 Best HP OMEN Laptops for Serious Gamers

    The HP OMEN laptop line is made with the serious gamer in mind. See which of the models are getting rave reviews from the community, and why you’ll want to use one during your next competition.

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  3. When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop?

    Best time to buy a laptop

    Like most products, there are certain times during the year when new laptops are released and the older models are removed to make room on the shelves. Now, you may be thinking that retail “holidays” like Black Friday are the ideal time to buy a laptop, but we’ll tell you this straight out of the gate: you don’t have to wait in ridiculously long lines to get a good deal.

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  4. The Best OLED Laptop from HP

    best oled laptop

    An OLED laptop is a device that relies on organic material (carbon and hydrogen) in order to create light. The tech uses positive and negative layers in order to create a current. There is an emissive layer that absorbs electrons, while the conductive layer creates holes. This leads to particles of light, or photons, that work with colored film to construct a clearer picture than an LCD screen.

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  5. What is an AMOLED Display?

    what is a amoled display

    What exactly is an AMOLED display, and why should you get one? Let’s answer your questions. An AMOLED display is a modified version of an OLED display, which begs the question: what is an OLED display?

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  6. HP ENVY vs HP Spectre Laptops: Which is Best for Me?

    HP ENVY vs HP Spectre Laptops
    If you are purchasing a new laptop and are torn between the HP ENVY and the HP Spectre lines, it can be difficult to narrow down which one will suit your needs best. Both offer plenty of power and a quality guarantee from HP®. Each also has certain unique features that determine whether or not it is the right device for you.

    We know that purchasing a new laptop can be a big decision. That’s why it’s worth looking at both types to see which can run the specific programs you need or offer software to help you complete your tasks. This guide will help you choose between two of the best HP series to find out which can work for your lifestyle and budget.

    Getting started with your decision

    There are several reasons to invest in an HP laptop, especially an HP Spectre or HP ENVY. They both offer Intel® Core™ processors and come with Windows Home 10 installed. Plus, you can customize them to suit your exact needs while knowing you can rely on HP’s
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  7. How to Find Your HP Laptop Model Number

    How to Find Your HP Laptop Model Number
    Not everyone knows where to find the reference information for their HP laptop, such as its model number. This information is important when it comes to checking laptop warranty, getting troubleshooting help, and when contacting HP Customer Support.

    While HP laptop model numbers can commonly be found on the side, back, or top of the laptop's case, you may need to remove the laptop battery to find this information.
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  8. How to Upgrade Your Laptop

    How to Upgrade Your Laptop
    Deciding whether to upgrade your laptop or buy a new one is a big decision. For most of us, a laptop is an essential tool - for work and for play - so things like speed and memory are a huge deal.

    While conventional wisdom may fall into the “buy a new one” camp, replacing some parts or making a few changes can save the DIY-er a lot of money or give you a few extra months while you wait for the best time to buy a new laptop.

    Whether you’re hoping for better graphics, more RAM, or faster processing power, here's what you need to know before you start upgrading your laptop:

    • Upgrading can void your warranty
    • This process isn’t for the impatient
    • Not all components can be changed out
    • Some upgrades could damage your laptop

    Can you upgrade a laptop processor?

    Let’s start with the big question. And while we hate to be the bearer of bad news, in most cases, you can’t upgrade your
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  9. 5 Best Touch Screen Laptops from HP

    Touch screen laptops

    Touch Screen laptops are great for work, gaming, or home use, and in HP’s case, combining elegant looks with powerful processing. Furthermore, HP laptops are highly durable and come with a warranty - it’s no wonder why we’re considered one of the market leaders in the laptop market.

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  10. Top 3 Mini Laptops from HP

    Best Mini Laptops from HP

    Truly small laptops - also known as mini laptops - offer a level of portability that goes above and beyond what you can experience from their bulkier cousins. Whether you need a laptop for travel, the classroom, or somewhere else entirely, these devices are only getting better with each new iteration.

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