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  1. HP Gaming Monitors: How to Enhance Your Gaming Setup

    HP Gaming Monitors: How to Enhance Your Gaming Setup
    If you’re going to spend countless hours grinding away against imaginary foes and exploring digital landscapes, your gaming setup should bring the action into your bedroom with vibrant visuals.

    Having the right equipment can make a significant difference in your overall gaming experience. While many gamers focus on high-performance PCs and cutting-edge peripherals, they often overlook the importance of a good gaming monitor. 

    The best gaming monitors can bring fantastical worlds to life with intense colours, sharp details, and smooth motion. It's like stepping into a painting and becoming an active participant in the artist's vision.

    In this blog post, we will explore the significance of a good gaming setup and provide some tips on how to choose the right gaming monitor.
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  2. What is an IPS Monitor?

    What is an IPS monitor

    An in-plane switching (IPS) monitor is a type of LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitor. It’s made up of backlighting or a mirror behind a polarizer. These sit behind the liquid with crystals mixed into it. The monitor relies on perfect alignment of the liquid crystals to pass along the light to the next polarizer. These crystals spin into position when electrically charged. In front of all of this is another polarizer, with the whole thing covered in the protective glass "screen" that we see with our eyes or touch, if it's a touch screen product. IPS is the standard for high-end monitors, such as those in some touch screen displays.

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  3. The Latest HP Monitors for Gamers

    The Latest HP Monitors for Gamers
    The gaming market is continuously evolving, and the number of gamers has grown. While finding a gaming monitor has become easier with endless choices on the market, most gamers require top-notch specifications for their needs - and at a decent price. This is where it becomes challenging, as the specifications and price range can vary depending on the type of games you want to play. 

    For most modern-day Triple-A games, you need to consider variable refresh rates, frame rates, lower input lag, and quicker response times. Likewise, higher-end gaming monitors also
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  4. How to Overclock a Monitor for Gaming

    How to Overclock a Monitor for Gaming
    You could improve your gaming experience by optimizing your current monitor without having to shell out big bucks.
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  5. VSync - Should I turn it on or off?

    VSync - Should I turn it on or off?
    VSync is one of the latest and greatest visual-enhancement technologies that work to bring your favorite video game scapes to vibrant life. But what exactly is VSync?
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