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  1. Best Gaming Desktops from HP

    Best Gaming Desktops from HP
    Whether you are an avid gamer, a professional, or have just started gaming, you will need a PC to let you play your favourite games and enjoy them at the highest graphic settings. Depending on the types of games you play, a regular PC is not sufficient to provide you with all the performance required for high-level games. 

    To build a gaming PC, you have two options: building your custom gaming PC, which is a demanding task, or you can simply opt for a prebuilt gaming PC for your needs. If you choose a prebuilt gaming PC, there are many options today. But often,
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  2. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Review

    HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Review

    While our review of the HP Pavilion gaming desktop will speak for itself, newcomers to the PC gaming world have a bit to learn before getting started. And if that sounds like you, it can be helpful to start with a pre-built gaming PC. It allows you to get the full experience of gaming on a PC without the hassle of tracking down and installing every component (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

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  3. Top 10 Reasons to Use Liquid Cooling for Your Gaming PC

    Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling in Your Gaming PC
    If you're using a computer right now, chances are you'll hear the gentle hum of a small fan if you listen closely. And if you have a hefty gaming computer with loads of processing power, the sound of a fan maybe even louder.
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  4. 7 Best PC Graphic Games That Are Visually Stunning

    Visually Stunning PC Games

    The graphics within PC games can often make or break a gamer’s experience. Thanks to incredible leaps in computing and graphics power and technologies, that experience is often a fulfilling one.

    The graphics processing unit (GPU), also called the graphics card for gaming PCs or video cards,

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