Detailed audit findings


The audits uncovered major nonconformances in health and safety provisions such as emergency preparedness, occupational injury and illness, and physically demanding work. Despite these findings, suppliers in Europe have made strong improvements in social and environmental responsibility (SER) performance. For example, 2011 audits resulted in significant decreases in the number of findings related to pollution prevention and resource reduction compared with 2010.


Audits conducted in 2011


LocationInitial auditsFollow-up auditsFull re-auditsNumber of workers at sites audited
Czech Republic 2 2 3 5,200
Hungary 0 1 1 1,900
Poland 0 1 0 700


1 0 0 200
Total 3 4 4 8,000


EICC Code provisions Rate of major and minor nonconformances in sites audited1
EICC Code awareness
Compliance with laws
Supplier management program
Freely chosen employment
Child labor avoidance
Working hours2
Wages and benefits
Humane treatment
Freedom of association
Labor management system
Health and safety
Occupational safety
Emergency preparedness
Occupational injury and illness
Industrial hygiene
Physically demanding work
Machine safeguarding
Dormitory and canteen
Environmental health and safety management
Environmental permits and reporting
Pollution prevention and resource reduction
Hazardous substances
Wastewater and solid waste
Air emissions
Product content restrictions
(See Materials section.)
Business integrity
No improper advantage
Disclosure of information
Intellectual property
Fair business, advertising, and competition
Protection of identity
Community engagement
  1. 1 This data reflects the results of HP's initial audits and full re-audits conducted in 2011. It does not
    necessarily represent results from the same supplier sites reported on in previous years.
  2. 2 A major nonconformance in the working hours provision of HP's EICC Code indicates that at least
    one of the following requirements was not met:
    • The average hours worked in a workweek over the last 12 months at the facility did not exceed
    60 hours or the legal limit (whichever is stricter).
    • Workers are allowed mandated breaks, holidays, and vacation days to which they are entitled.
    • Workers are provided with at least 1 day off per 7 workdays on average.