The world

needs our

action now

It’s why HP is taking bold steps to drive

climate action, protect human rights

and accelerate digital equity.


Climate change is an existential threat 

HP is driving some of the most aggressive and comprehensive goals in the technology industry. 


Diversity powers creativity

HP is focused on advancing a more diverse, equitable and inclusive tech industry. 


Digital equity is a human right

HP is aiming to empower millions of people with what they need to participate in the digital economy. 


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The new wave of tech gear made with ocean-bound plastics

HP shows what a circular, system-wide approach to recovering and reusing plastic can achieve in their products and in their overall footprint.


Pride of Place: Supporting the LGBTQ+ workforce

Annette Friskopp, HP’s Global Head of Specialty Printing & Technology Solutions, is not only evolving what printers can do, she’s pushing for businesses to change their culture.


Retraining and adult education help close the skills gap

Providing technology and learning programs to underserved populations around the world builds a more inclusive future of work.



  1. The availability of products varies by country. The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 Notebook PC shown contains >80% recycled material in its mechanical parts, including 5% ocean-bound plastic from bottles in the speaker enclosure.
  2. Plastic bag shown for illustrative purposes.