Ethics and human rights

Ethics and compliance goals

2011 Continue to increase the volume of consulting matters.

Progress: We increased the volume of consulting matters by 34.8% in 2011, compared with 2010. This resulted from a widespread internal communication campaign.
Further improve quality of communications and training, including "tone at the top."

Progress: In 2011, we refreshed our ethics and compliance training for new employees and introduced tailored training for country managers and sales people.
  Conduct wellness assessments for 441 compliance functions and manage remediation plans to completion.

Progress: In 2011, the Compliance Office continued to assess the maturity of compliance functions throughout our business and regions against predefined standards. This process identifies new legal risks and tracks progress against recommendations identified during our "wellness assessment" process, which began in 2009.
2012 Assess effectiveness of training and consulting programs.
Lead growth market compliance.
  Improve localization of training and programs.
  Begin expanding Wellness Assessments to HP subsidiaries.
  Mature HP's human rights program to mirror other compliance programs.
  1. 1 During 2011, several new compliance functions were added but the total number of compliance functions at HP changed from 47 to 44 due to the consolidation of several functions.