Supply chain responsibility

SER audits conducted

We measure the SER performance of some suppliers using the results of self-assessments, and of others using audits. We use supplier audits to verify conformance with HP's Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct and to establish whether the supplier has systems in place to facilitate continued conformance. We perform these audits based on EICC tools. Audits enable HP to identify pressing issues and build corrective action plans with suppliers to address those issues, as well as helping us to prioritize issues to cover in our capability building programs.

SER audits conducted [total, cumulative]
Initial audits
204 236 261 294 329  
Follow-up audits
144 220 291 319 339  
Full re-audits
6 30 39 68 92  
354 486 591 681 760