I've been pleased to work closely with HP in the Business/NGO Working Group on Safer Chemicals and Sustainable Materials. "Biz/NGO" is a unique collaboration of business and NGO leaders creating a road map to the widespread use of safer chemicals in consumer products.

Hewlett-Packard is a signatory to Biz/NGO's "Guiding Principles for Chemicals Policy," which call upon companies to know the chemicals in their products and to work on assessing and reducing their hazards. HP staff members have made major contributions to developing implementation guidelines for the principles.

In my basic "Toxic Chemicals Challenges and Opportunities 101" presentation for corporate managers and investors, I highlight HP's pioneering adoption of "The Green Screen," an open-source tool developed by the nonprofit Clean Production Action. The Green Screen enables HP to identify substances that are inherently less hazardous for humans and the environment, and it facilitates their substitution for more worrisome chemicals.