HP QuickDrop

Fast, secure, and wireless transfers between your PC and mobile devices. Transfer files, photos, videos, and more between your PC, Android, and iOS device faster and easier than a cabled connection. 


Why QuickDrop?

Instantly pair your device with QR code

Pair in seconds with QR code. No login needed.

Send files, photos and more wirelessly

Support for light and dark modes.

Support for iOS and Android

Send notes, images, videos, and more.

Stay in your flow by easily dragging and dropping files

No matter the brand, connect and share between your devices

How To Download

  1. Make sure you have the desktop application.
  2. Download the companion app for your phone.
  3. Or just scan this QR with your phone to download the companion app.


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Share across PC, IOS and Android. Compatible with most HP devices.

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