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Industry solutions from HP Thin Clients

Organizations worldwide turn to HP Thin Clients to simplify their IT management and provide trusted, secure cloud computing solutions.


Find your industry below to learn how the versatile HP Thin Client family provides simple, scalable device management. 

Thin Clients for Healthcare

Support strict data privacy standards, get versatile reliability, and streamline IT with HP Thin Clients that are trusted 

in healthcare institutions around the world. 


Patients rely on you, you can rely on us

Keep patient data safe and
centrally secured

Help protect confidential patient information with HP Thin Clients that transmit and store data away from the device. Add another layer of security with single sign-on support1

Designed for healthcare deployments

Mount our desktops horizontally or vertically,3 or take our mobile devices with you. Go further with the HP t640 Thin Client, certified to meet EN/IEC 60601-1-2 technical standards.

Worry-free IT

Ensure your team focuses on patient care with

devices that require minimal updates and have low failure rates. Deploy easily through included HP Device Manager software.

Thin Clients for Financial Services

Keep confidential information safe, efficiently handle data-intensive tasks, and reduce downtime with robust

HP Thin Clients built to the high standards demanded by the financial sector.

Secure devices built for robust financial workloads

Ensure top performance

Deliver powerhouse performance and process large amounts of data in real time, while ensuring a rich graphics experience on up to six 4K displays with the HP t740 Thin Client2.

Keep customer information private

Store sensitive regulatory and customer information remotely and help prevent potentially disastrous leaks with HP Thin Clients that retain no local data and come standard with HP security features. 

Easy to install

When every minute is money, HP Thin Clients deploy quickly, have fast boot times, and are ready to work as soon as they connect to the network.

Thin Clients for Manufacturing & Call Centers

Time is money for your business, and HP Thin Clients can help you save both with short deployment times, simplified

setup, and long product life cycles that reduce costs. 

HP Thin Clients deliver efficiency and value

Lower total cost of ownership

Find the best solution for your budget with HP Thin Clients that are built to last and come in a wide range of component configurations.

Versatility for a range of settings

Install HP Thin Clients throughout task-intensive environments. Network-hosted storage secures your data and the low-thermal, fanless desktop runs cool and resists dust intake in harsh environments.

Easy deployment and maintenance

Make installations a breeze for all your facilities with HP Device Manager, which can instantly deploy and update thousands of HP Thin Clients and remotely manage them. 

Thin Clients for Government

Deliver the security, reliability, and performance that your government workforce requires with centralized IT 

management, maximum user uptime, and remote data safety of HP Thin Clients.

A comprehensive, secure solution for the public sector

End-to-end data security

Protecting government data is an issue of national security and HP Thin Clients keep it accessible to those who need it while storing data offsite on a remote server.

Ready to multi-task

Choose from a portfolio of devices that feature an easy-to-use OS, move easily between single applications and collaboration tools, support multiple displays, and tackle large amounts of data.

Reliability inside and out

Ensure fast deployments and smooth updates with HP Device Manager. Make long-term IT plans with HP Thin Clients that have long lifecycles and the durability of no moving parts.

Thin Clients for other industries

HP Thin Clients also offer solutions for businesses that require an endpoint for task or embedded computing use cases. These environments leverage web-based

applications for kiosks, digital signage, kitchen video systems, and other needs that may require an endpoint that can be used for specific-purpose computing.

A reliable, low-cost task computing solution

Versatility for different tasks

Streamline your device ecosystem with HP Thin Client deployments from production lines and ticketing automation to kiosks and digital signage, with models to fit your needs and budget. 

Simple, scalable device management

Make device management easy for small or remote IT teams with devices that require few updates, securely store data offsite, and can be deployed and  remotely managed over a network. 

Durable and practical design

Install into your environment with plenty of legacy and current ports and component configurations in reliable, durable, and tested designs that are built to last. 


  1. Single sign-on software sold separately and requires optional FIPS 201-compliant fingerprint reader or dual-band RFID reader.
  2. DisplayPort™ cables and displays sold separately. The HP t740 Thin Client must be configured with optional AMD Radeon™ E9173 PCI Express graphics card to support more than four displays.
  3. Mounting bracket sold separately.


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