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HP Thin Client Operating Systems

HP Thin Client Operating Systems

The freedom and flexibility to choose the computing experience that best suits your business without compromising on security, unified communication, and manageability. 

HP ThinPro OS

Multi-layered security. Intuitive desktop virtualization.

Deliver multi-level security and an amazingly simple computing experience for both IT and end users with the HP ThinPro cloud endpoint OS.

Get to know HP ThinPro 8.0 OS

A modern, secure, and intuitive Linux® computing experience.

Featuring multi-level security, remote device management, multiple cloud computing solutions, and collaboration tool support.


Supporting your cloud computing needs, HP provides predictable updates to HP ThinPro 8.0 OS1 over its three-year lifecycle2 creating stability and ensuring access to the latest features.

Device security for consistent productivity

HP ThinPro 8.0 OS provides layers of security with a complete signing solution and a read-only, locked, and encrypted file system with support for hardware-based BIOS protection.3

flexible deployment

HP ThinPro 8.0 OS helps optimize user experience with support for enhanced cloud computing solutions, communications platforms, and built-in multi-media codecs.


Bring your teams together to collaborate through text, voice, and video with whichever major unified communications platform suits your company’s needs.

HP ThinPro 7.2 OS

HP ThinPro 7.2 OS

Instinctive workflow

Leap forward with a beautifully reimagined operating system that is amazingly easy to navigate and ideal for virtual desktop and web browser applications.

Built for flexibility

Choose from a variety of computing solutions to meet workload requirements and optimize the user experience.

Virtual desktop solutions

Select the cloud computing solution that best meets the needs of your organization. HP ThinPro 7.2 OS supports Citrix® and VMWare® integration.

Choose the laptop that works best for you

Looking for HP Thin Clients?


HPDM, HPCEM support4

HP Anyware; Citrix Workspace & Apps; VMware Horizon View; Azure Virtual Desktop; Amazon WorkSpaces, Imprivata, FreeRDP, TurboSoft support5

Unified communication support: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Avaya6

ThinPro PC Converter solution

BIOS Settings & Flashing Tool

Virtual Network Computing (Remote Utility)


Kiosk Mode Support

Single Sign-On

Popular codec support (Windows Media Bundle, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, AAC, AC3, HE AAC, Libgstfluvadec, GStreamer 1.x, H.264, H,265, FFMPEG Enabler)

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) Manager


Componentized Architecture

Display Scaling

Device Profile

ThinPro Signing Solution: Kernel and module

ThinPro Signing Solution: Service Pack and Add-ons

Encrypted File System

HP docking and docking display support

Update docking firmware through ThinPro

HP Linux® Imaging and Printing5,6

ThinPro 7.2






















ThinPro 8.0






















HP ThinPro OS


HP ThinPro 7.2 OS
Administrator Guide


HP ThinPro 8.0 OS Administrator Guide

Coming soon

Enhance your experience

HP ThinPro PC Converter

Extend PC life, enhance security, and simplify device management by transforming existing IT assets into VDI endpoint devices.


HP Anyware

Keep data safe inside the network while delivering the same amazing user experience to wherever people work best.


Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a familiar Windows interface on HP secure and simple ThinPro OS.4

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed desktop virtualization service for Windows and Linux that enables you to access resources from any supported device.4


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019

The familiarity of a powerful Windows-based environment will help reduce the cost of training and tools and make maintenance and roll-outs a breeze for end-users, application developers, and IT administrators.



Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021 is coming soon.

Hassle-free device connectivity 

Using the same hardware and driver ecosystem as the regular Windows OS, Windows embedded thin clients easily connect to a vast library of peripherals and applications.

Dependable threat

Lock down your OS from vulnerabilities with a Write Filter that immediately reverses any changes written by unapproved users and reverts the OS back to its initial configuration on reboot.

Broaden unified communications 

Bring your teams together to collaborate through text, voice, and video with whichever major unified communications platform that suits your company’s needs.

HP Easy Shell

HP Easy Shell provides a streamlined experience for your HP Thin Client Windows IoT environment. Make the most of your cloud infrastructure, VDI, and kiosk environments by customizing HP Easy Shell to fit your unique security needs.7

Admin Guide

HP Write Manager

HP Write Manager makes IT management and security a breeze. An all-new design makes configuration changes and custom profiles setups simple with minimal end-user interruptions.

Admin Guide


Windows 10 IoT Datasheet

Learn more about Windows 10 IoT when you download the datasheet.


Windows 10 IoT Administrator Guide

Download the Admin Guide for specific information on making system configurations, using admin apps and more.


HP PC Converter for Windows

Provide familiar interface while delivering all benefits of a thin client, ensuring superb end-user experience and effortless device management.


HP Unified Communication helps you collaborate seamlessly

In partnership with Citrix and VMWare, HP provides support for VDI optimization and local redirection for major UC players such as MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco, and Avaya.


Share your screen, video conference, or just use instant message with colleagues and customers across the world using VDI seamlessly, as if it were a local desktop.

HP partnerships provide a complete VDI ecosystem full of solutions

Keep data safe inside the network while delivering the same amazing user experience to wherever people work best.

Citrix builds the secure, unified digital workspace technology that helps organizations unlock human potential and deliver a consistent workspace experience wherever work needs to get done.

VMware offers a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences which enable organizations to deliver the best customer service and empower employees.

Imprivata, the digital identity company for healthcare, provides identity, authentication, and access management solutions that are purpose-built to solve healthcare’s unique workflow, security, and compliance challenges.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed desktop virtualization service for Windows and Linux that enables you to access resources from any supported device.4

Turbosoft is a specialist provider of Terminal Emulation allowing access to any host via its browser based zero install product or native Windows, Linux and iOS products.

Our partnership with Microsoft gives you a broad Cloud Client software portfolio including Windows IoT Enterprise LTSC, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop.4

Intel® brings customers world-class performance with a wide range of processor options for business and commercial use in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing & call centers, government, and other industries.

HP and AMD have combined advanced power-smart processing, expansive display capabilities, comprehensive software and firmware testing, and a sleek design to deliver thin client solutions that go the distance.


Unified Communication Whitepaper

Learn more about Unified Communications (UC) technology software tools that combine and integrate workplace communications and collaboration tools. 



Licenses sold separately.


The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.


Windows and Windows Embedded are U.S. registered trademarks of the Microsoft Group of companies. Skype for Business is a trademark of Skype and is not affiliated, sponsored, authorized or otherwise associated by/with the Skype group of companies.

  1. Please see datasheet for minimum system requirements.
  2. HP will provide support and available updates through April 2025.
  3. Hardware-based BIOS protection provided by Secure Boot and HP Sure Start Gen7.
  4. Third party licenses required and sold separately.
  5. Displays and peripherals sold separately. ​
  6. HP Linux Imaging and Printing compatibility: HP ThinPro OS only supports printers using HPLIP version number 3.21.8 and below. More support will be added over time.
  7. HP Easy Shell is currently available on Windows IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC and Windows IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC.