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what is OMEN Gaming Hub

What is OMEN Gaming Hub?

Kirstyn Amanda
Reading time: 7 minutes
What is OMEN Gaming Hub? OMEN Gaming Hub is a vital software that we have built for our line of OMEN gaming laptops and desktops. This tool allows gamers to take control of their gaming experience by giving them the power to optimize and customize their gaming rig simply.
HP OMEN Gaming Hub has some outstanding perks that include:
  • Cloud gaming integration with NVIDIA® GeForce® NOW
  • Game challenges and rewards
  • Network booster for games
  • Performance control optimization
  • Lighting customization
  • Game coaching
  • Oasis Live watch along
  • OMEN light studio customization
  • Overclocking CPUs
  • Undervolting CPUs
In this article, we’ll look at more about OMEN Gaming Hub and why every gamer should consider using it.

Why is OMEN Gaming Hub beneficial for PC gamers?

about the OMEN gaming hub
Let us look at the reasons why OMEN Gaming Hub is beneficial for PC gamers.

Provides personalized experiences

Our HP OMEN Gaming Hub allows gamers to customize their gaming PCs and personalize their setups to elevate their experience. A gaming enthusiast knows how cool it is to tinker with different RGB lighting to find the right aesthetic.
Be it for gaming purposes or for using the lighting as an audio visualizer to harmonize with game sounds, this gaming hub offers you just that, with about 16.8 million colors to choose from. Alternatively, it allows you to set different color profiles and animations for each game you fancy. For instance, easily highlight the WASD keys in “Call of Duty.

Allows in-app services and purchases

The OMEN Gaming Hub allows you to make several in-app purchases and services to bolster your experience. Although it has preset audio, light, and color profiles, gamers can buy several premium options through the app. For instance, you can buy key remapping options to customize your keyboard and mouse controls for different games. Moreover, we have partnered with Mobalytics to coach you by identifying strengths and weaknesses in critical games and providing a detailed report. After exhausting your one-year free trial, you can buy this service through the app.

Social gaming features

Our OMEN Gaming Hub is built to cater to all types of gamers. Whether a professional or amateur gamer, you can take your gaming experience to the next level through Oasis Live. Oasis Live allows you to share gaming through a high-quality streaming environment with social chat features.
Invite and talk to your friends via microphones or text in this virtual room as you play your favorite games to experience real team spirit. Brainstorm with your friends how to pass certain areas whenever you get stuck.

Allows social watch parties with Oasis Streaming Service

Oasis Live is an invite-only streaming service that allows you to share your gaming in real time. It is an exclusive service that offers your fans a chance for a front-row seat to see and interact with you as you showcase your gaming skills, up to 49 attendees at a time. Think of VIP access to a concert.
Social watch parties may appeal most to pro gamers looking to build an extra source of income by sharing their live streams. Also, gamers looking to build a streaming following can benefit.

Easy integration with other social media platforms

Our OMEN Gaming Hub allows gamers to easily integrate with other social media platforms like Discord or Spotify. You can easily share your profile or link on Twitter or Reddit to connect with more gaming enthusiasts.
We also have communities on those platforms to join to interact with like-minded people. Additionally, our app provides tools to stream and share your recorded gameplays on various social media platforms to connect with a larger audience.

Allows customization of color, animations, and light

We show our users how much we value them by giving them total control over their customization experience. We let our users choose their mouse, keyboard, and lighting look as they enjoy their games. With OMEN Gaming Hub, you can fully customize your color profiles. You can set different colors for each game you play for an intuitive experience.
Our HP OMEN Gaming Hub has different animations that you can choose from. Set different animations to harmonize sounds from your games, movies, and songs. Additionally, we give you total control over your RGB lighting settings. We have several presets you can choose from, like rainbow waves.

Features game challenges and rewards

We recognize that challenges test our skills to enable us to learn from them and grow as gamers. We also know how important it is to celebrate you whenever you get a win from these challenges. That is why we have partnered with Versus Systems to reward you for completing challenges. We host various contests on various games, such as “Fortnite,” that pits contestants in a head-to-head battle.
The winner gets rewarded with the ultimate OMEN gaming setup. Alternatively, we offer gamers a chance to earn rewards by completing unique challenges from the OMEN Gaming Hub. Examples of challenges may include earning a certain number of points or attaining a specified skill level. The rewards may include in-game power-ups or discounted future purchases.

Cloud gaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW3

As the PC gaming industry grows, we must play our role as the industry pacesetters. At CES 2023, we announced that we would include NVIDIA GeForce Now integration via the OMEN Gaming Hub, making us the first Windows PC manufacturers to do so. That means gamers no longer need powerful gaming PCs to experience immersive gaming.
This addition will provide gamers worldwide access to over 1,500 titles from Triple-A (AAA) to indies with the best cloud gaming service regardless of their PC. Moreover, gamers can now focus on playing more rather than waiting for games to download; with GeForce, all games are always up to date.

What can you expect from OMEN Gaming Hub?

what can OMEN gaming hub do
If you are considering buying an OMEN gaming laptop, you can expect this from our OMEN Gaming Hub.

Gaming performance toolkit to control your performance

Our gaming performance toolkit will automatically optimize your OMEN gaming PC to ensure that your network connection provides a smooth gaming experience. The optimizer feature will enhance the performance of your gaming PC for each game you play.
The system vitals dashboard feature will display your PC's key metrics in real time, so you can monitor and troubleshoot your system’s performance. The network booster feature will prioritize your network resources to ensure that the highest priority of network data is directed to your game to minimize lag.

Light studio to customize lighting

Our light studio will give you ultimate control over your gaming lights and colors. It will give you intuitive gameplay with audio-enabled lighting effects to create an immersive experience across peripheral devices. The layout editor will allow you to arrange your desktop view to match your room environment. The effects editor will allow you to customize RGB and animations to bring your designs to life.

Oasis Live to play with friends

The Oasis Live add-on is a virtual room to talk, meet, and play with friends. Experience team spirit while battling away monsters in “Monster Hunter: World.” Invite your friends to share your gameplay or tune into a stream. Enjoy playing games with less lag, no stuttering, and more frames per second (FPS).

A variety of games

The OMEN Gaming Hub provides a platform to organize and launch any game in your library from one place. All your games are automatically added to the library, so you can spend more time playing and less remembering which library has what game. New users will access the Xbox game pass ultimate for one month, including EA Play.
Additionally, with GeForce, gamers get access to over 1,500 popular games, with over 100 free-to-play favorites. Also, you can experience high-performance cloud gaming courtesy of Nvidia servers in the cloud.

Round-the-clock support

We are always ready to get you the help you need with our expert support. Troubleshoot and fix all your software and drivers issues easily from our customer support page. We have a repair center with diagnostic tools that you can use to find and fix issues. We also have a large community where you can ask questions or find people with similar issues.

Get OMEN Gaming Hub

omen gaming hub features
This article has described OMEN Gaming Hub. It has mentioned several outstanding features of this gaming hub. It has broken down reasons why as a PC gamer, you should consider using OMEN Gaming Hub to take your gaming to the next level. It has also looked at what you can expect from OMEN Gaming Hub.
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