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Typing and Keyboarding: Practice, Games, and Lessons

Typing and Keyboarding: Practice, Games, and Lessons

Reading time: 4 minutes
These days, everyone communicates with each other through electronic devices like computers and phones! People say that it's very important that you learn how to type, but why?
If you are good at touch typing, it will save you a lot of time and even make it easier to type school essays. It's strange, but it's even good for your health to type this way. You're not hunched over, searching for the next letter you need to press, and you won't be stressed about it either! Your thoughts can flow easily from your mind to your fingers, which automatically type what you need, instead of your mind being distracted by the effort to hunt-and-peck the keys.
Typing is important if you want to get a job that you really like. Every kind of business uses computers in some way. If you want to work for someone else or even start your own business, knowing how to touch type is key. It's a lot easier to learn while you're young, too!
Typing even makes it easier and more fun to chat with friends, and to play games online. You can even play games to learn how to type and improve your skill level. There are lots of online games to help practice typing skills, and they're fun to play! Try out the ones from the list below and find one you like.


  • Typing Test: Complete a typing test in 60 seconds to practice touch typing.
  • Typing Video Games: Choose from 117 fun and free typing games for kids and adults!
  • Fingerjigger: Complete as many words as you can by touch typing them in 30 seconds.
  • Speedy Speller: Challenge your touch typing and spelling skills by playing this fun game. Type the words you hear correctly, and move on to the next challenging level.
  • Typetastic: Play lots of touch-typing games for the most fun way to practice and improve.
  • Typing Ninja: Defeat monsters by becoming a touch typing ninja! Type the text and win the game.
  • Space Bar Invaders: Play these variants on a classic game. Space creatures are trying to reach you! Touch type the words to defeat them, and get bonus points for UFOs!
  • ZType: Play this beautifully animated space game! Blast the words away with your ship by typing them before they reach you.
  • TypeRacer: Play as a car and compete against other players to improve your score in this fast-paced game. Type the paragraph faster than everyone else to win!
  • TypeRush: Join the global typing league, and compete against other talented typists!
  • Owl Planes: This multiplayer game lets you compete against other people from all over the world! Touch type faster than everyone to win.
  • Tommy Q: Zombie Defender: Help Tommy escape from zombies! Fight off the zombies by typing the words before they reach Tommy. There are different levels of play to choose from.
  • Type Rocket: Blow up rockets by typing the letters on each. You get more points as you destroy more rockets! There are different levels of difficulty to play.
  • Typing Tycoon: Animal Helpers: Type the letters and earn money which you can spend on adding features to the game.
  • Typing War Master: Type quickly and accurately to disarm the bombs and save the village!
  • Keyboard Challenge: Test your memory and put your keyboard keys where they belong. Pick one of the fun keyboard themes and click to rearrange the keys!
  • The Keys of Atlantis: Touch type correctly to jump between platforms and avoid the piranhas.
  • Spellerz: Select from different levels of content. Destroy spaceships by typing the words correctly. Keep an eye on the clock because there's a time limit!

Typing Lessons

  • Typing Tutor: Typing Tutor increases your speed and accuracy by teaching the correct typing techniques.
  • Typing Tutorial: Learn the basics of how to touch type. There are guided lessons and animated videos that go over what you need to know, as well as practice games to help you practice your skills.
  • Peter's Online Typing Course: Learn all you need to know about typing. These lessons are thorough, interactive, and fun too!
  • Touch Typing Study: This website has great feedback on your progress, words per minute, errors, your accuracy percentage, and more! In addition to lessons, there are tests and games for you to enjoy.
  • Big Brown Bear: There are plenty of features to choose from with these typing lessons, from feedback on how well you're doing, to changes in your display and the level of the lessons you're practicing with.
  • Keybr Touch Typing Lessons: Once you know the basics, use this website to improve your speed and accuracy while typing less repetitively.
  • Typing Club: This tutorial is easy to use for beginners, and the practice is very interactive. Complete each task and improve your skill. You can take a placement test and unlock lessons past the basics.
  • USspeller: These typing tests are a great way to measure and improve your skills.
  • How To Type on the Computer: These typing lessons are for people of all ages with lots of practice material and a logical progression for learning to touch type.

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