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Top Fortnite Building Tips

Top Fortnite Building Tips: Master The Game with These Strategies

Kirstyn Amanda
Reading time: 7 minutes

Fortnite was released by Epic Games in 2017. Today, it’s one of the most popular battle royale games, with millions of players competing for victory. What sets Fortnite apart from other game titles is its unique building mechanisms that allow players to build structures in real-time during gameplay and engage in shooting combat.
In this article, we’ll explore the top Fortnite building tips you can implement to master the game. This Fortnite building guide will cover everything from basic techniques to advanced strategies. We’ll also take a look at the best HP gaming products to elevate your gameplay experience.

Basic Fortnite building techniques

In Fortnite, you have to rely heavily on structures to gain an advantage over your opponents. Each structure takes a certain amount of time to complete, and they give you protection for a limited time. To build these structures, you should collect resources such as wood, brick, and metal during the game.
Let us look at some structures and how you can use them.


Build walls to protect yourself against enemy fire or block off their sight line. Walls can be made of wood, brick, or metal. Walls built using wood are the weakest but are quicker to build than brick or metal ones.
Pro Tip: You can build a recon fort by dropping four walls around you to protect you against enemies on all sides when you are hurt and need to heal.


Build floors to reinforce ramps or use them to create a foundation for pyramids or stairs structures.
Also, build them above you when being shot at from above to slow down your opponent.


Build ramps when you need to quickly gain the high ground and sneak a peek at the opponent. When crossing open areas, build ramps for cover and at random to distract the enemy.

Roof placements

When crossing hills or rivers, you can protect yourself from enemies on higher grounds by building roofs.
Quick editing tips
One of the best Fortnite building strategies is to edit structures when you get stuck quickly. Remove tiles in the original structure to make useful edits on various structures. For instance, remove the middle tile to create windows on walls, deselect the top horizontal row of tiles to create a half wall, or deselect the top right and bottom left tiles to make a diagonal roof.

Advanced Fortnite building strategies

Let’s explore some advanced top Fortnite building tips that can elevate your building skills to the next level. You can perfect these skills by practicing in creative mode.

Learn to do 90-degree builds

Nintey-degree builds are useful when building complex structures, navigating tight spaces, or trying to gain high ground quickly. To perform a 90-degree build, start by building a wall directly in front of you and to the side. Then build a floor and a ramp, and then repeat.

Learn to build tunnels

Tunnels allow you to move through the game while avoiding getting shot at. Start by building a wall, then a ramp, and continue this pattern to create a tunnel. If you are on lower grounds and looking to move higher, build protective roofs and reinforce the tunnels with floors.

Learn to perform cone jumps

If you encounter a floor or a ramp above you and need to get around it to reach higher ground, you must perform cone jumps. To do a cone jump, stand near the cone and jump onto it. As you land on the cone, quickly build a floor beneath your feet, and jump onto it. Repeat this process until you reach your desired height.

Build battle tips

To excel in Fortnite build battles, you need to have more skills in your locker other than aiming and shooting; you need to know how to strategically build to outmatch your opponent. Below are some top tips for building on Fortnite to overcome your opponent.

Aim for the higher ground

In build battles, the higher the ground you are on, the better your chances of spotting and shooting enemies while keeping yourself safe. To achieve this advantage, outpace your opponents and build structures such as ramps, stairs, and walls. Speed is of the essence, so be quick.
As you climb higher, use roofs to shield yourself from enemy fire. Also, ensure that you strengthen your stairs or ramps with floors to ensure they don’t get destroyed or shot at by opponents on lower grounds.

Employ box fighting techniques

To become an expert in Fortnite build battles, you should avoid direct confrontation with the opponent and instead use box fighting techniques. You should aim to trap your enemy by outbuilding them to gain the high-ground advantage, then edit your structures before eliminating them.
One of the best Fortnite building strategies to use when you have your enemy trapped in a box is to break down their box using your pickaxe and erect your wall just before theirs crumbles. After that, you can edit your wall to create a window and shoot them.
During battle builds, study your opponent’s behavior to understand their tactics. Then wait for them to slip up and eliminate them. Keep your opponent at bay by creating a floor on top of their ramp so they cannot sneak shots in or push up to reach you.
If you are up against a top builder, quickly edit your structure and shoot down their support structure. You can counter this tactic by editing your structure as they are about to demolish your fort and fire a quick shot.

Stay calm under pressure

To get to the top, you must master your emotions and make the best decisions, even under high-pressure scenarios. There are plenty of scenarios in Fortnite where you must make the right call. For instance, when reacting to an opponent hacking your wall after you have outbuilt them.
Practice making decisions in creative mode to learn how to stay calm under pressure.

Fortnite building shortcuts

Fortnite is a fast-paced game where every second counts. You can gain an edge using shortcuts focusing on key binds and mouse sensitivity. Also, you can enable turbo building mode in settings to allow you to create walls and ramps more quickly.
Change the default key binds from the game settings to easily reach specific keys on your keyboard without contorting your fingers. This customization will also allow you to reduce the risk of making mistakes.
You should also adjust the sensitivity of your mouse to find the optimal settings that allow you to build more accurately.

HP gaming products for Fortnite

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, our top Fortnite building tips are easy to follow and implement. Practice makes perfect, so keep building until you dominate the game.
Take your Fortnite experience to the next level using the HP gaming products recommended in this article.

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