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Become a Coding Genius: Coding Games for Beginners

Become a Coding Genius: Coding Games for Beginners

Reading time: 4 minutes
In today's high-tech world, just about everything we do uses computer code. Even a simple thing like sending a text message uses lots of lines of code. There are many different coding languages, some of which you may have heard of, like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or Python. These different languages are all good for different uses. Some of them are better for helping you to build websites, while others are advanced types of code that are used to design video games and apps.
It used to be true that only a few people understood computer code, but these days, coding is becoming a necessary skill. Experts say that there will probably be millions of coding jobs by the time you get out of school, but there aren't nearly that many people who know how to code well enough to be able to do them. That means that in the future, people who know how to code are likely to have an easier time finding jobs. These jobs tend to pay pretty well, and a lot of them are jobs that you can do from a lot of different places: You could find yourself traveling all over the world for your work, or you could do this type of job from your own couch.
Even if you don't create computer programs for a living, you might still use code for your job. If you open your own business, you can build a website for it. If you are an artist or a musician, you can create a digital portfolio to show off your work to other people. And if you're the next big YouTube star, you'll probably want to put up an online store to sell things like T-shirts or pins.
Coding isn't just for work thought, it can be used for fun and creative things, too. You can create image- or text-based games that tell a story or share a message. You can make clever puzzles or beautiful works of art. You can even help a good cause! People have created games using code to raise awareness about issues like global poverty, climate change, and human rights.
Coding can also teach you important life skills. Coding requires concentration and focus. Even the smallest mistake can make a game or website not work the way it should. You'll need to learn to pay attention to detail. Coding gives you control over a machine, but machines can't think like we can. That means that when you want to tell a computer to do something, you have to make sure that you include every single step. For example, if you want a character in the background of a video game you're making to stop walking when they run into something, you have to put that in the code, or else the character might just keep walking in one place. Or depending on how you coded the object in front of them to behave, they might even walk straight through it!
When you learn to code, you'll also become better at solving problems. If a game you like is running slowly or you want to add a feature to make it better, you'll be able to look at the code, think of a way to fix it, and test it out to see if it works. At its heart, code exists to solve problems, whether the problem is that you can't send a letter to a friend fast enough (a problem that the invention of email fixed) or that you really wish you could explore outer space (plenty of games let you do that!).
You can learn how to code by playing games and by taking classes. There are lots of fun games that can help you to understand how code works, what it does, and how you can use it to do different things. Some games are for beginners, and some call for more advanced skills. Some coding games are even multiplayer, so you can learn to code with your friends. Play the games below to help you learn different coding languages for free!

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