Laptops for Design Engineers

HP USB-C Travel Power Adapter 65W

Charge the latest USB-C™ laptops with the dependable 65W power adapter in a new, more compact size.[2] Designed to travel easily and still give you the reliable power your days’ demand, it can easily replace an existing adapter or become that essential, travel-ready backup.

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When you’re a professional on-the-go, you need the right tools that you can count on to tackle whatever comes your way. With an HP mobile workstation, you can face unpredictability head on thanks to a combination of powerful specs, high-quality displays, and form factors tailored to your professional needs.

Features that help you work at your best

For those looking for a new take on the detachable laptop, consider the HP ZBook series. This family of mobile workstations utilizes full-featured performance hardware paired with dedicated macro buttons making it a great choice for creatives looking to speed up their workflow without compromise. The macro buttons allow you to execute what would otherwise be complex actions in creative apps with the push of a button.
Plus, with its high-speed graphics components, dedicated hotkeys, and a precision stylus, it helps you work confidently from anywhere on your terms. Enjoy bringing the ultimate blend of portability, convenience, and power to your next assignment.

Performance melded with convenience

Most traditional laptops and tablets trade off performance for the sake of convenience, but not HP mobile workstations. Our selection of hard-hitting professional laptops balances an enhanced level of performance in a form factor of your choice including detachable and traditional laptops.
Powerful specs sit inside a minimal and stylish body to offer all the horsepower and looks you need. You’ll easily take on tasks ranging from video editing to 3D modeling and asset creation from anywhere and in the way that makes the most sense for you. Want to go hands-on with a touch screen and stylus? Our detachable models offer an easy way to use process-intensive applications through touch - something not possible on most traditional tablets.

4K brilliance

The mobile workstation is more than just powerful specs that you can customize to your specific needs. Many of our models also include an incredible screen designed to improve the way you work on every task. You’ll enjoy enhanced productivity on a brilliant 4K display designed to give you the most detail possible. Whether you’re an artist, a scientist, or an office manager, you’ll instantly see the difference the moment the screen powers up.
Want to take your mobile workstation further? Combine the power of your mobile workstation with one or more 4K displays to create a full-on desktop replacement with the horsepower to fill every pixel with the most resource-hungry programs. Plus, when used in conjunction with select HP monitors, you can reduce cable clutter. Connect your favorite peripherals and even charge your mobile workstation directly through your display’s USB-C port. And when it’s time to hit the road for your next field assignment, you can quickly disconnect and get to where you’re needed.
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