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Simplifying the Data Science Workflow with Z by HP’s Data Science Software Solution

By Chris Kowalk, Z by HP Data Science Product Manager and Andrew Kemp, Z by HP Data Science Segment Manager

December 07, 2020

Data Science is a rapidly growing segment that is the driving force behind digital business today. Present across all vertical industries and geographies, data science adds significant value to companies by enabling data-driven insights and allowing for the development of predictive models using core concepts in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. With access to the right software and hardware tools, data scientists can analyze billions of rows of data in seconds and deliver answers to a company’s most pressing questions.

Today, HP is introducing the Z by HP Data Science Software preload1 - a collection of the most popular data science tools critical for data scientists, data analysts, and students – on select  HP ZBook Studio G7 Mobile Workstations and HP ZBook Create G7 Notebook PCs. These devices are meticulously built with extraordinary performance in a transformative size with NVIDIA® Quadro® up to RTX™ and GeForce® options. This combination of power and a sleek package positions it competitively among current PC and non-PC options for data scientists. Designed to maximize workflow productivity from day one, the Z by HP Data Science Software preload equips users with the required software tools to analyze their data and build new models that deliver business-critical results to their company.  The performance, quality, and reliability of select  HP ZBook Studio, HP ZBook Create, and select Z by HP desktops when combined with the preinstalled Ubuntu 20.04 operating system2, deliver an out-of-box-experience that lets users get to work on data workflows on day one, instead of spending days setting up an optimal environment.

The HP Z4, HP Z6, and HP Z8 workstations, HP ZBook Create G7, and HP ZBook Studio G7 configured with the Z by HP Data Science Software preload deliver significant value to both the data-driven end-users and corporate IT decision-makers. For the data scientist, preloaded software tools mean they can be training data models in minutes after booting their PC, instead of spending days finding and installing all the required tools. Additionally, HP conveniently and seamlessly manages the software packages by testing and confirming key dependencies when delivering future updates. This represents a significant time-saver for the end-user, ultimately allowing data scientists to focus valuable time on their data science workflows. For the IT decision-maker, preloaded software tools shipped securely by HP offers piece of mind in the tools used by end-users, as well as provides access to trusted support resources for data science and Linux applications crucial to key business functions.


The Z by HP Data Science Software preload consists of the following tools:

  • Libraries used in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science: instant access to libraries critical for analyzing data and creating powerful models using core concepts in machine learning, deep learning, and data science. Enjoy seamless management of package updates and dependencies so your environment is always ready to use, and you can stay focused on your workflow.
  • Developer Tools, Containers, and GPU Support: easily create and deploy your data science applications while managing your tools and models.
  • Cloud Interoperability: interact seamlessly with your main cloud environments with cloud command line access.
  • Ubuntu 20.04 Operating System: certified and available to be preinstalled on select Z by HP workstations3. In collaboration with Canonical, Z workstations have been extensively tested and certified with the latest version of Ubuntu, so they perform at their best.

The included Z by HP Data Science Software preload is available now on select HP Z4, HP Z6, HP Z8 desktop workstations and is planned for the end of December on the HP ZBook Studio G7 and HP ZBook Create G7. Availability of this software solution will extend to additional platforms in 2021. 


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