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Working toward a barrier-free future.

We are inspired by feedback from our customers and aspire to create products and services that are elegant and easy-to-use for the widest range of people possible.

More possibilities for those with disabilities

Whether it’s temporary, acquired, or lifelong — disability is part of the human condition. We are committed to helping individuals and organizations around the world achieve their full potential.


Many of our products include tactile functionality, auditory alerts, and screen reader accessibility support.

Vision features


Many of our products include visual alerts, video capabilities with American Sign Language, and physical volume control to help with low-hearing.

Hearing features


Many of our products include easy-to-use controls, voice commands, and adjustable displays.

Mobility features


Many of our products include pictographical instructions and simple language, read-out-loud features, voice commands, and easy-to-use navigation tools.

Cognitive features