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We are committed to helping people boldly pursue their passions, organizations accomplish their priorities, and communities thrive by turning ideas into meaningful experiences. We start by listening.

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Stories that inspire

We are inspired by the amazing stories of people and businesses around the globe that use HP technology to pursue their passions, increase their productivity, and make impactful changes in their communities.

Reinventing digital access for students with visual disabilities.

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, many students were using outdated devices that hindered their education. As part of HP's goal to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, HP provided the Governor Morehead School of North Carolina in Fall 2020 with twenty technology bundles--including brand new laptops, monitors, and more. We asked some of the faculty and students to give us feedback on our products so we can better understand how to improve our technology for people with access needs.

3D Print transforms life with prosthetics

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 30 million people with amputated limbs —many of whom have no access to prosthetics. Even when an individual can gain access to prosthetic limb, fitting has traditionally been uncomfortable and time-consuming. But today, people are turning to HP Jet Fusion 3D printing technology for better fitting, and better looking, prosthetics. Companies around the world who use HP’s 3D print technology can create affordable, precise-fit prosthetic limbs that are designed for the wearer and shortens the production time from weeks to days.

Improve access to specialized footwear

HP partnered with NFL and FitStation to provide players with personalized cleat recommendations across the league. As HP’s own Sarah Clevinger said, “It’s not about HP having its own footwear company; it’s about changing the industry and create something that’s better for the customer.” We believe that there are many interesting applications of custom-fit footwear that would benefit people with disabilities and we are excited that our innovations in immersive computing are opening up these new possibilities.

Hiring more people with autism

Approximately 85% of college graduates with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are unemployed, yet 77% of these unemployed individuals say they want to work. Launched in 2019 at our Boise, Idaho location, the HP Spectrum Success Program aims to amplify HP's efforts to reach new talent by specifically recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with autism.

Accessible voice command at work

The technology needs of people with disabilities are diverse and individual. When HP thinks about designing products and solutions for employees who work in large business environments, our aim is to create a seamless experience that maximizes productivity and creativity. Last year, we launched an exciting voice command and screen reader accessory that takes accessibility printing experience at work to a new level from an accessibility perspective, particularly for people with low vision or blindness. We look forward to hearing more stories about the way the HP Accessibility Assistant transforms workplace productivity.