5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Laptop Stand

Sitting in front of the laptop for hours on end, you may sometimes find yourself suffering from backache or wrist pain. Though usually harmless in isolation, these minor discomforts might lead to far more serious conditions if left untreated.

Such problems usually arise from irregular body posture or uncomfortable typing positions. If you’re suffering from these issues, one of the simplest and cheapest solutions is to buy a laptop stand.

Also called a laptop table, laptop stands are basic accessories that are placed underneath your computer to provide elevation and an improved typing experience. Though it sounds trivial, a laptop stand for desk use can make a world of difference, especially to your health.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a laptop stand for home or office use, here are 5 important reasons for you to consider buying one today.

5 great reasons to use a laptop stand

Laptop stands come in many shapes and sizes, with larger ones commonly referred to as laptop desks. No matter what kind of laptop holder you opt for, they all offer the same benefits for you to enjoy every day.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful advantages that you can enjoy by using a laptop stand:

1. Flexible height adjustments

When using a laptop, the placement of the computer relative to your overall body height affects the positioning of your head, neck and body. For example, if a laptop is placed on a low table, taller individuals might need to bend forward slightly to type and to view the screen easily.

This prolonged slouching position is unhealthy due to the pressure it puts on your spinal cord and shoulders, leading to backache and neck pain. By using a stand, though, you can adjust the height of your laptop’s base manually, lifting it higher for better viewing while straightening your body as well.

When it comes to the most adjustable positions, this versatile laptop stand trumps its competition. It might not be feasible for heavier laptops, though, because of its thin base and holding screws. However, it could be perfect for lighter notebooks.

2. Better airflow

Ideally, your laptop also requires consistent airflow to keep its temperature down. As you put more load on it by running multiple programs, internal heat accumulates, making it hotter inside your laptop.

Such circumstances are unfavourable because your computer’s components might develop a fault due to the trapped heat. Although every pre-built laptop part has a high melting point to reduce such risks, it can still happen if care is not exercised by keeping your laptop cool and optimised.

This is where a laptop stand is needed, lifting your laptop higher to create an air gap between the laptop’s base and the solid surface below it. Through that gap, any heat dissipated by the laptop will be carried away by continuous airflow, removing trapped air underneath the computer. 

Not only does this increase the lifespan of your laptop, but it can also lower the costs for repairing or replacing your laptop in the future. There are also laptop desks that come with cooling fans too, which can amplify their benefits in this area!

3. Minimise clutter

When you opt for a laptop holder, you can also tidy up your working desk with less clutter, keeping everything organised and clean. A neat working space does wonders for your mindset and mood, letting you focus on tasks without worrying about misplacing your items or jumbling up wires.

By configuring the stand to put your laptop in an elevated position, you create a large gap beneath it. While we’ve already talked about the heat dissipation benefits of this, it’s also a space where you can store stationery easily within reach. Creating a gap like this allows more room for you to rest your hands or place other items on the table as well.

This space can also be used to keep any attached wiring out of harm's way, minimising the risk of your electrical wires getting cut or damaged, leading to a safer environment. If you have multiple external cables attached to your laptop, a laptop stand is potentially a lifesaver.

Take this laptop mount for example; it provides tons of room for you to place anything underneath your laptop while ensuring maximum air circulation and a tight, secure grip.

4. Portability

A laptop stand is also lightweight and compact, making it a great companion tool for travelling. Some laptop stands can even be mounted inside your car for on-the-road use too!

Laptops are specifically designed to be portable computers for you to study, work and play with, any time, anywhere. Laptop stands should also match that role, with even some larger laptop desks able to be folded and disassembled on the fly as well. 

Whether you’re planning for outstation work or a long-distance holiday, a laptop stand is easily amongst the most important items for you to bring along. Light, affordable and mobile, you definitely won’t have a problem with baggage anymore.

5. Multi-functional

Laptop stands can also be utilised for multiple different purposes as well. For instance, you can study in bed using a laptop stand portable enough to be moved around, such as this one

Some laptop stands also have cupholders for you to place your favourite drinks. Additionally, a premium laptop holder may also provide extra compartments for you to put your mouse or phone into as well.

This versatility allows you to use it for emergency college or business use while on the go. With more of us now working remotely nowadays, the practicality of a laptop desk can be quite the boon.

5 incredible benefits of using a laptop stand

Besides being a quick fix for many different circumstances, a laptop stand also offers other long-term benefits for you to enjoy too. Here are 5 benefits that come from using a laptop stand:

1. Reduced physical stress and pain

By adjusting the height of your laptop for better viewing angles, your body can relax properly by sitting in a more comfortable position.

Without a laptop stand, you might find yourself hunching while reading text or typing on the keyboard. If not corrected, this can lead to many complications moving forward, including severe backaches and poor posture.

Exercising the right body posture while using a laptop for extended periods is important, and a laptop stand is probably the most effective solution available. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

2. Less eye strain

The use of a laptop stand can also help reduce eye strain, particularly in the case of blue light exposure. Closely related to your sitting position as well, the distance between your eyes and the computer screen plays a significant role in how much you stress your vision while working.

A laptop table or holder can alleviate stress on your eyes by setting the screen’s level closer to the appropriate angles. By having a clearer view of what you are reading, you won’t need to squint or lean forward toward the laptop monitor anymore.

This is true for any given scenario too; you can binge-watch movies on the couch or complete homework in bed, but your eyes will still endure the same pressure unless set up on a laptop table to maintain safer eye distances from the screen.

3. Comfortable for typing

A laptop stand also makes typing easier and more comfortable. In the absence of one, you can find yourself struggling with annoying wrist pain or hand fatigue.

This is especially true if you work long hours on a laptop every day. Without the assistance of a laptop stand, your hands will be subjected to prolonged tension on the muscles, sometimes resulting in cramps too.

A laptop holder provides the ideal resting positions for your hands to rely on by increasing the keyboard’s incline up to a 25-degree angle. This allows you to type using minimal force and energy. 

For the best typing experience, consider buying a laptop stand that is both mobile and convenient to use anywhere.

4. Easy on the wallet

Surprisingly, a laptop stand can also save you from splurging unnecessary cash in the long run. Although some laptop tables can cost more than a few hundred ringgits, most of them are fairly affordable.

Due to its multiple uses, a laptop stand can become your immediate alternative for many different situations. You can use a laptop desk to complete paper assignments on the spot, and certain laptop mounts can also become makeshift book holders as well.

You can be creative with your laptop table as long as it’s sturdy and robust enough depending on the need. There won’t be any urgency for you to buy other items anymore, at least for the time being.

5. Extra workspace

With the right laptop stand, you can enjoy more working space to organise your items and stationery. Otherwise, you might find yourself with limited room to write notes or read books on a small desk, depending on the laptop’s actual size.

A laptop mount is capable of hiding any attached wires from view, with the adjustable ones capable of creating more space by increasing the laptop’s base height. You can push your laptop (attached to the laptop holder) slightly forward too, leaving a gap between you and the computer that can be used for writing and reading notes, for instance. 

Certain laptop holders can even manage multiple devices at once, proving their practicality and effectiveness for various instances. If you’re a programmer or graphics designer, these might be useful.


Whether you’re in high school, university or into business, it is highly likely that you already have a working laptop with you. A laptop stand should be your next priority, boasting benefits to your health, working space and convenience.

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