Touch screen laptops

Touch screen laptops provide the flexibility you can’t achieve with a traditional laptop.

You can have complete, responsive control over what’s happening on your screen, and don’t need to worry about connecting a mouse or using a trackpad with limited space. Plus, many times, touch screen laptops are convertibles as well, allowing you to use your laptop in tablet or tent mode for added flexibility.

These laptops are great for work, gaming, or home use, and in HP’s case, combining elegant looks with powerful processing. Furthermore, HP laptops are highly durable and come with a warranty - it’s no wonder why we’re considered one of the market leaders in the laptop market.

Even better, our touch screen laptops aim to be a sustainable solution, with many constructed using post-consumer and ocean-bound recycled plastics.

What are touch screen laptops and how do they work?

The trend in the mobile phone industry that normalises touch screen usage also affects the global laptop industry. Today, more laptops feature a touch screen to fulfil users’ needs for easy and seamless use.

When it comes to touch screens, you can divide the technology into two categories: capacitive and resistive touch screens.

Capacitive touch screens involve a screen made of multiple layers of plastic and glass that are enveloped in a conductive material. This screen will notice whenever you touch or apply pressure on the screen, and it triggers the device to respond. This is why your phone and tablet only need the slightest tap to unlock.

On the contrary, resistive touch screens are less sensitive. They are made of a hard plastic or glass layer with a resistive layer that conducts charge.

You’ll need to press firmly on the protective layer to charge and trigger the software to respond. Despite the slow-response time, this screen is far more durable. An example of a resistive screen is the one you see in ATMs.

The touch screen on laptops uses the same technology as tablets and phones. It has a far more responsive and brighter capacitive screen. But since a laptop has a different build from phones and tablets, you can expect convertible or 2-in-1 laptops to perform better.

With the latest generation processor and integrated graphic card, a touch screen laptop will give you optimal connectivity and performance. Plus, you don’t have to squint or zoom in too much to see detail.

Our 5 best touch screen laptops

Whether it's the affordable Chromebook or the corporate-standard Elite line, there is a convertible laptop that suits everyone’s needs. Here are the best touch screen laptops from HP:

HP ENVY x360

We define our ENVY line as a laptop designed by creators for creators. And that is not a misnomer. The HP ENVY x360 is a 2-in-1 laptop that is slim, sleek, and extremely powerful. You’re sure to get some envious looks when you take it outside!

This laptop comes with Windows 11 Home, and with its large 15.6-inch screen, you can work comfortably in any setting. With the help of 12th Generation Intel® processors, you won't have any issues sliding the surface pen on its Full High Definition (FHD) screen. The laptop also has a low blue light setting, so you don’t strain your eyes during long work hours. 

Furthermore, the integrated Intel Iris® Xe graphics card and HP TrueVision webcam are helpful during your meetings. And in case you want even stronger specs, you can opt for an HP ENVY x360 with an AMD processor and integrated AMD graphics. 

The ENVY series of laptops weigh between 2.96 lbs to 4 lbs, depending on the model. This might seem a bit heavy, but that’s expected from such a performance-heavy laptop. After all, this laptop comes with a huge battery with a 12-hour life.

Our 5 best touch screen laptopsOur 5 best touch screen laptops

HP Pavilion x360 

The HP Pavilion is best-suited for those looking for a multi-faceted laptop.

It's great for users who want to enjoy the best of both worlds with a simple touch. This laptop supports 360-degree flexibility, making it very easy to use anywhere. It can be used like a regular laptop or flipped to be a tablet. You can even detach the screen from the keyboard for a better experience.

The 8GB memory and 512GB storage will ensure you have no issue switching from work to fun and vice versa. It also has a 12th Gen Intel Core™ i7 processor with an integrated Intel graphics card to support your video and gaming needs. Now you can binge-watch your favourite show for hours without worry!

The HP Pavilion x360 has a long-lasting 9-hour of battery life. With HP Network Booster, you won’t have to worry about constantly losing connection or having low-signal WiFi. This laptop is all you need if you’re looking for a device that seamlessly combines work with entertainment.

hp pavilion x360hp pavilion x360

HP Chromebook x360

Even though it's one of the more affordable product lines, the HP Chromebook x360 operates just as well as premium laptops.

It has an Intel Core i3 processor to support whatever tasks fall on your plate, and the 14-inch HD touch screen makes viewing and use easy. Storage space is also not an issue since the laptop has up to 128GB of storage.

The integrated Intel Ultra High Definition (UHD) graphic means this laptop is as powerful as other laptops when processing an image. Its ChromeOS ensures you won’t waste time waiting for the laptop to boot or process. It also supports direct connectivity with Microsoft Office apps. All of these factors make it the perfect choice for those seeking productivity.

Our 5 best touch screen laptopsOur 5 best touch screen laptops

HP Elite x360 

Next, we have a laptop loved by all professionals. With the latest generation Intel processor, work will be smooth with the HP Elite x360. By default, it comes with Windows 11 Pro for maximum performance, and the integrated HP Wolf Security ensures that your data and information will be safe.

The HP Elite x360 has a signature minimalist design. It is ultra-slim, compact, and simply very stylish. Weighing less than 2.6 lbs, which is lighter than most laptops, you will be able to carry it around with no issues.

The in-built Bang & Olufsen speakers will give you nice and clear audio, so say goodbye to background noises during work meetings! Features such as the HP Dynamic Voice Levelling, HP Clear Voice, and HP AI Noise Reduction will also help you listen and talk comfortably to all meeting participants.

Our 5 best touch screen laptopsOur 5 best touch screen laptops

HP ENVY 16 Laptop 

Just like the ENVY x360, the ENVY 16 is a terrific touch screen laptop. This laptop has extra USB Type-C ports to make connections quick and efficient. You can also use the HP QuickDrop to transfer files seamlessly without needing cables.

The HP ENVY 16 was designed specifically for users in creative fields, so the laptop itself is very aesthetic. It’s also fast, with amazing audio emitting from its Bang & Olufsen speaker.

The HP ENVY 16 screen is one of its most notable features. This laptop supports up to 4K resolution, and with the colour-calibrated OLED screen, any image or video on the screen will look much more vivid.

You also can use your tablets and other monitors as a secondary display with the Duets for HP features. There is no better platform to unleash your creativity than the HP ENVY 16 laptop.

envy 16 laptopenvy 16 laptop

Why are touch screen laptops better than regular ones?

Compared to a regular laptop, a touch screen laptop has multiple benefits. You may think that it’s only useful for people in creative industries, but it is also perfect for professionals and workers who need their work ready at their fingertips.

Convertible or 2-in-1 laptops provide users with a fantastic combination of PC-level performance with tablet-level flexibility. It can do everything a regular laptop could but with the extra benefit of detaching and flipping the screen. It’s easy to see the appeal of this type of laptop for graphic artists.

The high-quality display is also helpful for creative users as it provides crystal-clear images. Artists won’t have to look for a separate pen and tablet to draw, since a touch-screen laptop can do it all. For regular users, fast navigation and seamless transition from their phones to laptops will make working much easier.

Final word

HP has a great collection of touch screen laptops, featuring everything from lightweight devices, thin and sleek ones, or a full-on powerhouse laptop decked with extra features on our online store.

Remember, having a good laptop is critical since you will be using it in your daily life. Before purchasing a touch screen laptop, make sure to consider what you need, what you want, and your budget. And HP is sure to have something to fit your needs.