HP Smart App

HP Smart (previously known as HP All-in-One) is an application that lets you set up, scan, print, share, and manage your HP printer from your smartphone or other devices.

    Whether you’re at work and need to print or scan directly to your home printer, HP Smart App can help you get your task done.

    How to Use HP Smart App

    Setting up HP Smart App

    1. Ensure your mobile device is on same wireless network as the printer required.
    2. Install HP Smart app, open the app, and then tap Start.
    3. Accept the terms and conditions, and then tap Continue.
    4. The app searches for printers connected to the network, then add your printer.

    Print with HP Smart App

    Print documents or photos saved on your Android or Apple iOS device. You can also print from Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram, depending on your mobile device.

    1. Open the HP Smart app, tap Print Documents, Print Photos, or select your cloud storage or social media account.
    2. Locate the file on your mobile device, social media, or cloud account. If you have not yet added your cloud or social media account, follow the on-screen prompts.
    3. Select the document or photo you want to print. A preview of the document or photo displays.
    4. Tap Print.

    Scan with HP Smart App

    Use the camera on your mobile device to scan a document or photo as a PDF or JPEG file. Then save your scans on your mobile device or in a cloud account such as Google Drive, or share them via email.

    Note: Scanning with your mobile device camera requires a minimum of 5 megapixels and auto-focus capability.

    1. Select a document or photo to scan.
    2. Open the HP Smart app.
    3. Choose your mobile device and select the type of scan you want to complete.
    4. Take a picture or allow the app to take the picture, depending on your mobile device.
    5. Make any changes to the scan on the preview screen, if necessary.
    6. If you want to scan additional pages, tap the additional pages icon.
    7. When the scan is complete, tap Send, Save, Share, or Print, depending on the type of scan previously selected.

    Other Functions of HP Smart App

    The HP Smart App allows you to check printer supplies, view printer information and reports, and change printer settings.

    • Identify ink cartridges and order printer supplies: Tap Supported Cartridges to identify which ink cartridges work with your printer. Tap Buy Now to order ink cartridges.
    • Access the HP Instant Ink dashboard: If you enrolled your printer in HP Instant Ink, tap Go to HP Instant Ink to open your HP Instant Ink dashboard.
    • Access printer settings, information, tools, and reports: Tap your printer or the printer information icon to access printer information and reports. Printer settings, info, reports, and tools vary by printer.
    • View and update printer settings: Tap Printer Settings to view or modify printer settings, such as paper trays, quiet mode, auto off, and more. You can also use print quality tools, check for updates, and turn on Web Services.
    • Print printer reports: Tap Printer Reports to print the Printer Status Report, Network Configuration Page, Print Quality Diagnostic Report, and other reports, depending on your printer model.
    • Use printer tools: Tap Print Quality Tools to perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning the printhead or aligning the ink cartridges, depending on your printer model.
    • View printer information: Tap Printer Settings or Printer Information to view the printer status, printer name, serial number, and firmware version.
    • Access advanced tools: Tap Advanced Settings to set energy save mode, check the status of the network, and configure network settings, depending on your printer model.
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