Best Home Office Setup Ideas

The benefits of telecommuting include ditching the commute, better workflow, and a higher quality of life.

    The best home office setups are comfortable, convenient, and private. But you can still be productive without having to spend a lot of money.

      Here are some tips to improve your home office space.

      Home office setup essentials

      1. Work desk

      Whether you want a low-profile corner desk or a gaming computer desk, you can buy anything from wood to glass-topped. Some desk ideas for you to consider:

      • Adjustable desk: Why choose between sitting and standing? An adjustable desk goes up or down at the touch of a button.
      • Small glass/wood desk: Small is beautiful. A space-saving writing desk, with wood-and-glass looks elegant in any room.
      • Corner desk: An L-shaped computer desk is a great option that will give a more spacious feel to your home office.

      2. Ergonomic chair

      You’ll spend long hours sitting in your chair, so get one that doesn’t wreck your back or neck. Pick a chair that lets you adjust its height and lumbar cushion. Look into one of these options:

      • High-end chair: They will have maximum adjustability, headrest, neck and lumbar support, and flexible reclining.
      • Gaming chair: Ergonomic and comfortable, most gaming chairs are black in color so they still look appropriate for home office.
      • Budget chair: Although wallet-friendly, a budget ergonomic chair should still be comfortable, have some adjustability and durable.

      3. Docked laptop

      Laptops are great for working from home and being on-the-go. But there’s no doubt it’s easier to work when you can pair it with a monitor and external mice and keyboard. Consider these picks to improve your home office setup:

      • Docking station: Create a desktop-like setup with the HP EliteBook Ultraslim docking station. It has 4 USB 3.0 jacks, 2 display ports, and 1 RJ-45 jack.
      • External keyboard: Flatter is better because it doesn’t require you to crank your wrists back which over-stretches tendons. Consider the crowd-pleasing HP K2500 keyboard.
      • External monitor: A nice, big 32-inch or 24-inch monitor will double up your productivity. Look for LED backlights and Full HD resolution.
      • Extra storage: If you’re working in photography or design, you need lots of storage. Low-cost 3TB high-speed hard drives like the Buffalo DriveStation can help.

      4. Two monitors

      Having two monitors are great because they let you run more applications at once instead of switching between tabs and programs.

      One screen keeps your primary program in view, while the second screen runs your email and chat programs open so you can stay in contact with your team.

        For best workplace ergonomics, put your primary monitor slightly to one side. Place it at arm’s-length, with the top at eye-height. Put your second monitor beside it, angled slightly toward you.

        5. Wireless printer

        If you can’t work without a printer, getting an all-in-one printer is great for those hardcopy-to-digital moments. Also, wireless is ultra-convenient for printing from the kitchen or the living room on a laptop, phone, or tablet.

          The best wireless printers for home office are hands-free, smart printers. See our selection of HP wireless printers.

          6. High-speed internet

          Having a fast connection helps for remote collaboration, desktop sharing, telemeetings, and robust cloud software like Adobe Creative Cloud.

            Is the router downstairs while your office is upstairs? Try a powerline adapter for a quick signal boost or invest in a mesh Wi-Fi.

            7. Privacy

            Kids, pets and the delivery guy can be unwanted distractions. A pair of noise-cancelling headphone blocks sounds even when they’re turned off.

              Consider your choice of laptop vs desktop computer configurations. If you have a home office that is quiet and removed from the day-to-day activities of the house, then a desktop may be a great setup for you.


              The best home office setups give you all the advantages of telecommuting without the headaches. The right docked laptop, ergonomic chair and desk, internet speed, and privacy can create a fortress of solitude around your work time.

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