Hidden Costs of Keeping Old Tech

Sticking with old technology is often seen as a way to save on budget. But the true price of outdated technology might shock you once you uncover the hidden costs.

    The technology that you are currently using can be considered old after 3 years of usage. Read this article to learn about why new is better when it comes to technology.

    Common issues with old PCs

    1. Greater security risks

    Older technology can be too outdated that they are no longer supported by the current operating system.

      This can leave your PCs vulnerable to cybercrimes, making your company and sensitive information easy targets for virus and malware attacks.

      2. Loss of customers

      Using old technology can badly affect the performance as well as the image of your company.

        It will make your website slow and lagging, which lead to poor user experience and resulting in loss of customers as they are more likely to leave the website if it’s not functioning smoothly.

        3. Drop in productivity

        It is reported that your employees will waste many working hours due to using old technology as they had to deal with slow PCs and fixing minor but recurring issues.

          This will result in low quality of work as it stops your employees from working at their best.


          Switching to new technology after 3 years of usage will definitely benefit your company. In fact, the cost of changing to a new technology is actually less than continuously using old technology.

            When looking at the cost of repairing old buggy PCs, it’s much more cost-efficient to just purchase new, up-to-date computers as you won’t be needing excessive IT maintenance, and in return, increase the productivity of your employees.

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