HP 3D Professional Services

Accelerate your transformation to additive manufacturing (AM).

Get started with an initial consultation.

Get started with an initial consultation.

Make digital manufacturing the new reality for your business

Our team of AM experts will help you identify viable strategic opportunities, optimize design for breakthrough applications, and streamline manufacturing processes to enable mass customization and scale production. 

Fully leverage the possibilities of additive manufacturing

Expert guidance at every step of your additive manufacturing adoption journey, from concept to product development to production.

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Identify new opportunities and advanced design techniques enabled with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. 

Discovery and parts assessment

Develop your AM impact strategy and identify candidate parts for HP Multi Jet Fusion production.

Design for AM training

Provide your designers and engineers with the right knowledge and skills for HP Multi Jet Fusion designs.

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Look to improve your product positioning and market differentiation through innovation and new application development.

Design optimization

Optimize part redesign to help enhance performance, reduce cost, and increase overall value.

Application development

Assist with new HP Multi Jet Fusion application concept development, designs, qualifications, and validation.



Optimize production from quality control to digital manufacturing best practices.

Sourcing strategy

Establish HP Multi Jet Fusion production outsourcing without compromising quality and mechanical properties. 

Production optimization

Validate, update, and fine-tune quality, factory, and other key production processes for improved KPIs using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Move your business forward

Capture and create more value, seize new market opportunities, and increase your competitive advantage. 

Unlock the full potential of HP 3D Printing from design to production and post sales across your 3D printing adoption journey.

Accelerate your innovation and product development, shorten time to market,  and work toward achieving higher productivity with the help of AM experts.



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