Reimagining realities

Discover how companies across different industries are transforming how they design and manufacture.

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Consumer goods and electronics

See how 3D printing is enabling customization and personalization, as well as new levels of productivity.



Complement CNC machining, injection molding, and other manufacturing methods with strong, customized, lightweight 3D parts.


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Healthcare and medical

Discover how 3D printing is helping healthcare providers improve patient experiences and outcomes.


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Higher education

See how universities and learning institutions use 3D printing to educate and empower the next-generation workforce.


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Transportation and automotive

See how car manufacturers and the transportation industry can unlock new possibilities, and drive innovation with quality 3D printed parts.


Manufacturing services

Discover how HP’s production 3D printers and solutions can help open new markets and expand into new applications.


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Produce functional parts with complex and aerodynamic properties.


HP 3D printing technology

Reinvent design and manufacturing with HP Multi Jet Fusion and HP Metal Jet.

HP 3D printing solutions

Find the right solution for you, from prototyping to production.


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