Transportation and automotive 3D printing

Car manufacturers and the transportation industry can unlock new possibilities and drive innovation with quality 3D printed parts.

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Accelerate product development with functional 3D printed parts

Streamline manufacturing from rapid prototyping and tooling, to final and spare part production with engineering-grade, complex, lightweight thermoplastic or metal parts.

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Automotive metal parts

Volkswagen accelerates manufacturing with metal 3D printing.


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3D printing car parts with polypropylene

Extol leverages polypropylene and HP 3D printing to help car manufacturers decrease time to market.


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Automotive product development

HP 3D Printing helps CUPRA launch León Competición racecar.


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Boats and yachts

Ubi Maior produces lightweight, customized parts with complex geometries with additive manufacturing.


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Motorcycles and motorsports

Skorpion Engineering redesigns and customizes motorcycle parts with 3D printing.


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Rail solutions

HP 3D printing helps CAF strengthen train door structures.


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Experience HP 3D Printing mechanical properties produced with engineering-grade thermoplastic materials


Ventilation system printed with HP JF 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution and HP 3D High Reusability PP enabled by BASF.

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3D Printing Solutions for transportation and automotive

HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series Industrial 3D Printing Solution

Scale production with HP's most advanced plastics, industrial 3D printing solution.


HP Jet Fusion 4200 Industrial 3D Printing Solution

Produce quality parts while optimizing productivity and cost.


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