3D Printing in Education

Educate and empower the next-generation workforce.

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Prepare the workforce of tomorrow to embrace additive manufacturing

3D printing technologies could create 3-5 million new jobs in the next ten years just in the USA.2 Universities and trade schools are at the forefront of evolving the culture and design of production, particularly those with specialties in engineering, technical, design, architecture, healthcare, and medical disciplines.

Drive innovation at your institution

Adopt cutting-edge HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to prepare your faculty and students for the future of digital manufacturing and entice top student talent.


• Put your university at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and prepare students for tomorrow’s careers


• Keep pace with the shifting manufacturing landscape and technology advancements


• Attract top students and keep faculty satisfied with access to HP 3D Printing technology that is redefining manufacturing

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Skillfully prepare tomorrow’s innovators

Whether you’re a professor or department head, you can now add Additive Manufacturing (AM) functionality and curriculum into your classroom.


• Attract top talent with a curriculum that integrates HP Multi Jet Fusion technology


• Set your students up to prototype and 3D print like professionals


• Advance your 3D printing knowledge and expand your students’ design and production capabilities

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Help students bring their ideas to life

Spend more time working with students and less time maintaining or cleaning up after your 3D printer.


• Put in-house automated production to work in your lab and get real-time assistance when you need it—all while helping to reduce lab maintenance and expenses


• Access functional parts easily and rapidly4


• Provide your students with hands-on experience taking ideas from prototype to final parts

Training engineers, designers, and business leaders of the future

This comprehensive handbook will deepen your knowledge of HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing, design guidelines, materials information and much more.


HP Multi Jet Fusion technology brings ideas to life

Produce quality parts and functional prototypes and reach across multiple disciplines within your institution from engineering to architecture to fashion design. Forge new ways to collaborate with, functional parts printed using HP Jet Fusion 3D printers.4

Future-ready technology suited for a broad range of applications

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Strong, functional parts

Productivity—create, test,
iterate in hours

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Help students produce 3D parts like pros

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solutions are ideally suited for basic and advanced 3D labs, research development labs, additive manufacturing labs, university service bureaus, and/or hospital/medical 3D labs.

HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D Printing Solution

Accommodate end-of-semester part production with one technology. Produce quality, functional parts while optimizing productivity and costs.


Cutting-edge technologies to prepare your faculty and students for the future of digital manufacturing

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Learn more about the HP Multi Jet Fusion printing process.


HP Metal Jet

Learn more about how HP Metal Jet technology works.


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