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HP Omnicept & HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition

Data-driven insights. Revolutionary VR.

Introducing a revolutionary way for software developers to transform app development. Now, you can create adaptive experiences driven by a user’s natural response in the moment and uncover actionable insights to take training, wellbeing, creation and collaboration to the next level.1 This is the future of VR.

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A complete hardware and software solution.


HMD captures data via sensors*


Software transforms data


Adaptive XR experiences


A complete hardware and software solution

Built for your applications


Build apps that measure a user's cognitive load - giving businesses a better understanding of the trainee’s performance and ability to make decisions. Now, you can deliver experiences that better prepare teams to help deal with high-risk situations.


Your applications can take advantage of real-time insights to improve wellbeing. Embrace VR technology and provide experiences that help reduce stress, improve comfort and assist breakthroughs.

Creation & Collaboration

Build experiences that maximize productivity and reduce development time. With integrated sensors, your app can track user engagement and assess user responses at any moment. And, with the face camera you can deliver avatars that display authentic facial expressions.

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HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition

Sensory data. Sensational VR.

This revolutionary HMD includes a state-of-the-art sensor system that measures muscle movement, gaze, pupil size and pulse, and seamlessly transfers data to the HP Omnicept platform. Plus, you get industry-leading features of our HP Reverb G2, like the highest resolution among major vendors,2 speakers designed by Valve and more.

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Capture user data in real time

State-of-the-art sensors uncover a user’s natural responses in a VR experience.1

Eye Tracking & Pupillometry Sensor from Tobii®

Heart Rate Sensor

Face Camera

Every detail designed with intention

Every detail designed with intention

  • Breakthrough visuals and sound

    With industry-leading lenses and speakers designed by Valve, high quality resolution—2160x2160 per eye—and foveated rendering,3 this HMD delivers lifelike VR like never before.

  • Ultimate Comfort

    With lenses that can be adapted for different eye distances,4 an adjustable headstrap and increased cushion size, each user wears a personalized fit regardless of face size and shape.

  • More cameras. Better tracking.5

    Track more movement over the previous generation with four cameras built into the headset. And with a more ergonomic design, our controllers are comfortable to hold onto.

Additional Features

Foveated rendering

With integrated eye tracking from Tobii®, this HMD is able to discern the user's gaze direction, enabling a reduction in GPU load and improved image quality within the user's foveal region, enhancing VR realism.3

Motion tracking

With four cameras and internal sensors for position detection, you can now track more of your arm movement. Jump right into virtual reality without additional peripherals.

Motion controllers

With a smaller and more ergonomic design, our controllers are natural and comfortable to hold onto. Plus, get superb tracking performance with integrated Bluetooth® connection.


Our new and improved 6 meter cable connects directly to the headset and is thinner, lighter and longer than ever, giving you room to move freely.


HP Omnicept

The insights you need to revolutionize VR.

Data from the headset is interpreted through machine learning to give you real time insights, such as how much brain power a user exerts in a VR session. Now, you can design applications that adapt to each user and take training, wellbeing, creation and collaboration to the next level. All available in a downloadable SDK.1

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Real-Time Insights

Cognitive Load

By monitoring heart rate, pupillometry and/or eye movement, your app can discern the level of brain power a user exerts in a VR session – an indicator of how well someone performs under stress and how effective decisions are made. Now you can uncover actionable insights to adapt each user's experience.1


HP VR Spatial Audio

Through innovative machine learning, HP VR Spatial Audio7 delivers dynamic Head-Related-Transfer-Functions (HRTFs), for more authentic audio immersion. 

See how ISVs are Innovating with HP Omnicept


Ovation VR is using HP Omnicept to take public speaking training to the next level. With the HP Omnicept VR platform and HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition VR headset, Ovation users are now able to gather real time data and uncover actionable insights.


With HP Omnicept, PIXO is creating impactful VR training that can save lives. Thanks to the HP Omnicept VR platform and HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition headset, PIXO VR is able to provide real-time feedback for virtual reality trainings across high-impact industries like construction, manufacturing and public safety. 


MIMBUS is using HP Omnicept to reimagine the way manual skills are taught. With bio-analytical information now accessible through the HP Omnicept VR platform and HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition VR headset, instructors are empowered to adapt individual VR training sessions to each student based off their responses.

Ovation, Pixo and MIMBUS are HP co-marketing partners and participated in HP’s early access program.

Safeguarded data. Protected privacy.

HMD firmware safeguards sensor data at every moment of capture and no data is stored on the headset. HP Omnicept powered applications help ensure the capture and transfer of data comply with GDPR and keep user data confidential.1


Get Started with the HP Omnicept SDK​

With an extensible SDK we support you with advanced tools and services needed across major development platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine.1,6 The complete HP Omnicept SDK for VR application developers includes the following features.

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  • HP Reverb G2 Omnicept edition simulator
  • Eye-tracking & pupillometry API
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  • Lower face camera API
  • Heart rate API
  • Pulse rate variability API
  • HP VR Spatial Audio
  • Online self help

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The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.


Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by HP Inc. under license. Tobii® and Tobii Spotlight Technology™ are registered trademarks of Tobii AB.

  1. VR application compatibility required. 30 day trial of HP Omnicept can be downloaded from the HP Developer Portal ( Functionality is limited to sensor data after the trial period. To continue full functionality, resale model requires Royalty License; per seat Developer and Runtime License is required for Enterprise and Government customers. Available in select countries. For complete details see
  2. Based on HP's internal analysis of companies that have shipped greater than 50,000 VR tethered headsets. Resolution based on panel pixel count as of March 2020. 
  3. NVIDIA RTX™ based GPU as well as developer app compatibility (information here required for foveated rendering.
  4. Interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment is included. Eye relief in not a feature of this product.
  5. Compared to HP Reverb G1 HMD.
  6. Unity and Unreal Engine software sold separately.
  7. HP Omnicept SDK required for integration of HP VR Spatial Audio. Unity and Unreal Engine plug-in are required, plug-ins provided. 

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