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HP G5 Essential Dock Review

HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock: A Complete Review

Kirstyn Amanda
Reading time: 6 minutes
Connection is everything when it comes to your workstation or PC setup. The HP USB-C Dock G5 Essential Dock allows and provides full connectivity of other peripheral devices to your laptop with additional ports turning it into a powerhouse. With multiple ports, this docking station can add compatibility with a keyboard, screen, mouse, and other USB devices to your laptop or other mobile devices - all with just a single cable connection.
It enhances productivity and allows for seamless operation by making it easy to instantly connect and disconnect with all your accessories by detaching one USB-C cable. You can avoid multiple cables and ports whenever you want to move your laptop somewhere else in your home or office.

Top features of the HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock

HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock
The docking station provides additional functionality and enhanced productivity by taking away the hassle and time needed to plug cables into your laptop. With a single USB-C port, you are able to turn your laptop into a powerhouse of a workstation with ease.
Once you’re connected to the G5 Essential Dock, all your peripherals sync up without repeated plug-ins of multiple cables whenever you need to move your laptop.
The HP USB-C G5 Dock is small and compact, taking up little space and staying true to its aspect of decluttering your workspace while providing additional expansion ports compatible with other devices.

Enhanced productivity with just one port

Let’s take a look at the versatility the HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock can add to your work or office setup at a glance:
  • Includes 4 USB-A ports
  • Supports up to 3 high-res displays
  • Provides a stable Ethernet connection port
  • Supplies 65W of power
The HP USB-C dock is packed with four USB-A ports, providing more connectivity possibilities than a laptop alone.
Once connected to your laptop, it supports multi-display for up to three high-resolution displays, meaning you can have triple-monitor support, improving visual experience and efficiency.
The HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock is a perfect tool to enable monitor support if you have a hybrid workstation at home and require multiple monitors and displays. If your laptop does not have an inbuilt Ethernet connection, it covers you on that front as well.
The dock’s Ethernet port provides a stable connection at full rate and maximum speed as opposed to a USB 2.0 connection alone. You can expect speedy data transfer - something incredibly important for getting your work done while remote.
The dock also has a strong power adapter that, once plugged into an outlet, can power and charge your tablet, phone, or laptop with 65W of power. With one connection, the dock can fully support a large keyboard, mouse, and other connected peripheral devices.

Plug and play with a seamless setup

Man Using HP USB-C G5 Dock
  • Easy plug-in design
  • Essential manageability features
  • Simple to stay up to date
  • Compatible with most USB-C and Thunderbolt-enabled PCs
  • Multiple ports for all your accessories
By simply connecting your laptop via one USB-C cable, the HP USB-C dock G5 is designed for effortless and seamless docking and undocking whenever you are on the move. You’ll enjoy laptop portability and desktop functionality.
The HP USB-C G5 docking station turns your workspace into a powerful workstation via Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, or USB-A and provides enough power for an entire setup. It’s also compatible with Windows, macOS, and Fedora 31 Linux.
Its multiple ports can handle connections like DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and VGA. You can also connect to audio, SD/TF card reader, and, as mentioned, Ethernet.
Imagine not having a docking station and the numerous cables you would have to connect to an outlet or laptop for your ideal set-up. This USB-C dock offers the ease of a single cable connection and disconnection while providing expanded visual and audio support.

Keeps your desk clutter-free with the compact size

  • Takes up less than 5” x 5” of space
  • Single USB-C cable connection
The compact size of the HP USB-C G5 docking station, less than 5 x 5 in, ensures it does not take up much space on your workstation. For instance, you can route the monitor cables to the rear of the docking station and create a tidier desk.
Without having all the wires of your peripherals get in the way, the HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock turns your laptop into the equivalent of a desktop through a single cable. Once you are done working, all you have to do is unplug from the docking station. It’s a small device but easily enhances your productivity through a single cord, reducing the need to unplug multiple devices individually.

Efficient Firmware Updates

  • Dock firmware updates pushed to managed notebooks
The HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock saves you time on firmware updates by pushing it to your notebook or laptop even when detached. Getting the latest firmware version is always advisable to help you get the best performance from your hardware.
To keep up with new features and tackle any “bug fixes,” you can download the latest firmware and audio drivers from the HP website.

Sleek Black Design

  • Matches individual style preferences
In addition to being convenient and valuable in your home or office by allowing you to manage your laptop and other peripherals, it has a sleek black design that makes it stylish and aesthetically pleasing.
Despite having several ports to run various accessories, the HP USB-C Essential Dock model is small, meaning it’s not obtrusive when placed on your workstation and is easy to set up, literally just plug and play!

Who needs the HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock

Woman plugging in HP USB-C G5 Dock
Suppose you need more USB ports and the ease of detaching your laptop without unplugging every individual cable connected to your peripheral devices. In that case, the HP USB-C G5 dock covers all these aspects while turning your laptop into an efficient work set-up.
Most business people prefer the function of full-sized keyboards and monitors when working at home or in their offices, in addition to the convenience of a laptop's portability. If you need your laptop to attend meetings when away from the office, your work is still seamless because you have all the files you need on your laptop.
Having the HP USB-C G5 Essential dock means you can transfer files between your laptop and devices with ease and head out. Everything you need for work is always available on your laptop while at home, in a coffee shop, or in the car. You can easily transfer your files to a thumb drive or mobile device without worrying about saving data to the cloud.
The HP USB-C G5 docking station provides a wired working station with more speed than a wireless connection. If you are in a profession that requires you to move around with your laptop from one place to another and then eventually do paperwork at the end of your working day, it enables the use of a larger monitor and a keyboard. Not to mention the time you save without having to plug in and connect devices.


The HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock is versatile, reliable, and makes it a lot easier to connect with a single cable plug and use your laptop like a desktop. You can lock in your laptop with everything already connected and unplug it easily when you want to use it as a portable - a great addition for a home office setup, personal use, or business purposes.

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