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poly voyager free 60 case and earbuds

Poly Voyager Free 60 Series: A Complete Review

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 7 minutes

The Poly Voyager Free 60 Series, sometimes shortened to Poly Free 60, is a versatile line of home and work earbuds for workplace audiophiles. They come with an efficient charging station with a convenient optional touch screen interface, plus built-in functionality that can be equally welcome for frequent virtual meetings or obsessive streaming.
In this Poly Voyager Free 60 review, we’ll take a closer look at the features that make it stand out in the average work routine - particularly how it helps you stay connected to your colleagues, playlist, and other devices.
We’ll also explain how to configure your build for the best price and features you want the most.

Multipurpose earbuds for digital professionals

woman working with poly voyager free 60
Poly Free 60 earbuds are designed especially to be multipurpose, so you can easily stay in touch with a global project team or count on high-fidelity audio streaming when it’s time to tune out the rest of the world. They’re compact enough to travel with and use discreetly, whether you’re stuck on an airplane or waiting in line at the coffee shop.
Here’s a quick rundown of key features before we get started:
  • Optional touch screen charging station
  • Desktop and Mobile apps available
  • Includes 3 replaceable ear tips
  • Active Noise Canceling features
  • Includes built-in Poly Windsmart Technology
  • Qi wireless charging station with fast charge
  • Optional BT700​ Bluetooth adapter
They easily provide an affordable replacement for both work and audiophile headphones, both of which tend to be bulky or hard to use beyond a short session. You can also expect less downtime trying to stay on the same page during conference calls, thanks to an integrated three-mic array specially designed to pick on just your voice in each bud.

Control your experience with a built-in touch screen

As we mentioned above, the Voyager Free 60+ UC model offers a wireless touch screen so that you can do more with these earbuds. The interface uses a crystal-clear OLED touch display to visualize a range of useful information: easily adjust volume, see call information, and even check how much charge you have left in your batteries.
Most charging stations are not interactive, so they usually just wind up eating into workspace when out of use. The Poly Free 60 touch screen is a big boost for juggling busy call schedules or controlling your audio experience on the fly. Thanks to its extensive audio controls, it’s an easy potential replacement if you want to ditch a smaller speaker or stereo system.
Here’s a list of the basic audio controls available via touch screen:
  1. Answer and end calls
  2. Put calls on hold
  3. Mute and adjust volume
  4. Play and pause control
  5. Track forward or backward
For touch functionality, just remember to opt for the Voyager Free 60+ UC model or customize your purchase before checkout.

Go mobile with the Poly Lens app

man playing game with voyager free 60
If you’re not ready for a touch screen charging station quite yet, that’s no problem. The Poly Lens Mobile app has you covered for easy mobile interactions when you’re away from your home or office. It’s also a great way to supplement your touch screen experience when you want to save space and leave your charging station at home, or just step out for a quick break.
Use it to keep your software updated, set reminders for yourself, and more. Spend more time on your PC? You’ll also want to get the Poly Lens Desktop app so you can manage your device and schedule from anywhere. For Enterprise-scale deployment, Poly Lens software also helps IT managers stay connected and know where to spend their energy.

Plenty of options to configure, including ear tips

Unlike heavy-duty headphones for home listening and standard mic + headphone headsets, these Poly earbuds are lightweight, convenient, and customizable for your comfort. In this case, your options start at the surface, with your choice of matching white and black finishes for your case and buds. Pick your preference for contrast, or match with your office and other tech.
In addition to the optional touch screen charging station and color, you can choose from three different replaceable ear tip sizes: small, medium, and large. You can even choose from USB-A or USB-C connectors, or prepare for everything with a bundled dual option.

Enjoy the benefits of Active Noise Canceling features

Keeping calls clear and organized can be a big hassle, so it’s no help when ambient noise intrudes. Whether you work from home or in a busy office, the problem is the same: how to stay connected without letting your surroundings interfere.
Each Poly Voyager Free 60 earbud includes three microphones for high-quality voice capture and transmission, but it’s also backed up by built-in Active Noise Canceling features. So it not only targets your voice to maximize clarity, it blocks out competing noise with what sound engineers call “anti-noise” - mostly imperceptible to humans, but enough to cancel out unwanted audio from background conversation or activity.

Cut out atmospheric interference with Poly WindSmart Technology

woman using voyager free 60 earbuds
Active Noise Canceling has you covered in most workplace situations, but what about your morning commute or when you have to leave the office? When you step out of the typical office or ride along in a car with open windows, you’re exposed to much worse than background noise: persistent feedback from wind noise.
The Poly Voyage Free 60 series also incorporates Poly WindSmart Technology, which is designed specifically to detect the direction of wind and compensate during calls. It won’t stop a sudden squall, but it will make sure you're understood even when a low-pressure front starts moving into town.

Features a convenient fast-charging Qi charging station

Though some models offer different options, the cornerstone of each is a Qi charging station. When your earbuds need a top-off, just open the compact case and secure them in the nested docking station until they’re ready to go. How long your charge lasts may vary, but the Poly Free 60 series provides up to 16.5 hours of talk time.
When time’s short and your battery is dry, they offer an hour and 12 minutes worth of talk time after just 15 minutes in the dock. That makes it easy to jump back onto dropped conference calls and virtual meetings quickly when you forget to keep yours charged, or if you’re struggling to charge multiple devices.
Here’s a breakdown of all the Poly Free 60’s charging stats:
  • 5.5 hours of talk time, plus 11 more with charging station
  • 8 hours listening time, plus 16 more with charging station
  • 2 hours to fully charge earbuds
  • 3 hours to fully charge station
  • Up to 30-day standby, including charging station

BT700​ Bluetooth adapter on most models

poly voyager free 60 outside of case
Need to connect to a PC? Use the included BT700 Bluetooth adapter to interact seamlessly with other devices and dramatically expand your range compared to just the charging station. With the adapter, you can enjoy up to 10 times the standard 3-meter range.
You can also connect to older devices and external audio sources using the USB to 3.5 mm audio cable, included with the Voyager Free 60+ UC. Perfect for analog techies and audiophiles that want to continue accessing and maintaining a large fleet of devices, or just if you want to tune in quickly to an in-flight movie on your own pair of earbuds.

Convenient specs for travel and commuters

Concerned about saving space on the road? Fortunately for commuters and business travelers, the station is under 3 inches at its widest axis. Wrap everything up together in the included carrying case, with plenty of room for your charging station, Bluetooth adapter, and USB cord. Perfect if you want to lighten your load, but keep access to your most important tech.
Plus, the charging station provides two full charges for your earbuds before you have to reconnect to a power source. That means you can leave it at home without fear if you’re just spending a regular 9-to-5 workday at the office. It can also mean avoiding your next recharge for longer when you’re chilling out on vacation or trying to stay focused on a work trip.


Thanks to a useful and high-functioning touch screen interface and robust audio features, the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series are way more than your average headsets for work. They provide an uncommon level of control for users: adjustable for comfort, easy-to-use controls, and optional touch functionality.
HP acquired Poly in 2022 because of its strong background in wireless audio, making it an ideal companion for power users - especially if you prefer a smaller build that doesn’t sacrifice audio quality. Whether you’re looking for a familiar pair of HP headsets or the latest Poly earbuds, don’t forget to check out the HP Headset Store for options.
You can also use your Poly Free 60 earbuds with confidence, thanks to a 2-year limited warranty with every purchase. Bad about dusting your workspace or travel bag? It even boasts an IP54 safety rating, so you’re protected against some exposure to dust and liquid damage.

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