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how to use chatgpt for your work

How to Use ChatGPT for Your Work

Cameron Cashman
Reading time: 8 minutes
Artificial intelligence has been around in some form or another since the very first modern computers were invented. Even as far back as the 1960s, computer engineers were looking for ways to “train” computers to automate certain tasks.
These days, rudimentary AI is fairly common. In computer programs, its used to automate tedious jobs and speed up workflows. In video games, AI is used to make non-player characters (NPCs) behave and react to the player’s actions in a believable way. There are even web-based “chatbots” for a user to converse with.
Until recently, chatbots weren’t seen as anything more than fun novelties to pass the time. But that changed in 2022, when the company OpenAI released a powerful chatbot platform called ChatGPT. Almost immediately after it launched, it made headlines across the world thanks to its power and versatility.
In fact, ChatGPT is so powerful that it can be incorporated into a variety of workflows to help speed up and improve the quality of your work. To help find out just how helpful it can be, let’s break down exactly what ChatGPT is.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot, so its most basic function is generating a dynamic output based on a user’s input. This allows for a back-and-forth conversation. What sets ChatGPT apart from other chatbots is its power and versatility - chiefly, ChatGPT can adjust its current output based on its previous conversations. This is thanks to OpenAI’s GPT platform. GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, and it is a language model that helps an AI understand and generate human-like language.
The developer “trains” a language model by feeding it a massive amount of raw data to learn from. Next, the AI program analyzes patterns in the data, which it stores as parameters. Then, the developer prompts the AI to generate several outputs based on these parameters. The outputs are ranked from best to worst, and the result is fed back into the computer. Finally, ChatGPT uses the results to adjust its output. This is a process known as Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, or RLHF.
It should come as no surprise that parameters are the most important part of a language model. The more parameters one has, the more dynamic it is. The first iteration of GPT had 117 million parameters. GPT-2 had 1.5 billion parameters, and GPT-3 had over 175 billion parameters. ChatGPT is based on a slightly updated GPT-3.5, which means it has even more parameters than GPT-3. That’s what makes it so powerful.
A user can engage ChatGPT in conversation on a wide variety of topics, and each generated response will be unique. The length and tone of the response can even be specified by the user. For instance, if a user asked ChatGPT to generate a brief response in a negative tone, the output would be different than if one was to ask for a longer answer in a positive tone.
Users also found that ChatGPT’s uses go beyond simple back-and-forth conversations. It can generate a variety of different text-based material, and provide easy-to-understand, conversational answers to potentially difficult or complex questions.

Who can use ChatGPT?

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the different industries that can benefit from ChatGPT.


The ability to debug and write code is one of ChatGPT’s most impressive features. When a computer programmer runs into a bug in their code, they can feed it into ChatGPT for analysis. ChatGPT can provide suggestions and recommendations on how to fix the errors and improve performance.
ChatGPT can even provide code snippets and implementation examples to help programmers learn how to use new libraries and frameworks in their programming.

Healthcare workers

ai in healthcare
One of the most important applications of Chat GPT is in the healthcare industry. When a healthcare worker has a question about a symptom, treatment, or medication, ChatGPT can assist in providing immediate access to the necessary medical information available on the internet.
It can also be used to simplify complex material, making it easier for a patient to read and understand.


ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for journalists, helping them to research, generate ideas, and stay informed on a wide range of topics. Journalists can input a topic or keyword related to a trend or current event, and ChatGPT can generate a list of ideas or angles to explore.
ChatGPT can also be used to generate summaries of long articles, press releases, and reports, making it easier for journalists to digest and extract key information.


By using ChatGPT as a writing tool, writers can save time and effort, and even prevent writer’s block! ChatGPT can help writers generate new ideas by suggesting different angles or approaches to a particular topic. It can also act as an editor, providing feedback on grammar, syntax, and word choice.
Additionally, ChatGPT can provide writers with quick answers to a wide variety of questions thanks to its vast knowledge base.


Students can benefit from ChatGPT's efficient problem-solving capabilities. It can serve as an effective study tool, giving students quick access to information on a wide range of subjects. It can even act as a personalized tutor, providing individualized guidance and support toward specific academic goals.
Additionally, ChatGPT can assist students with research projects by providing them access to relevant sources and helping them organize information available online.


ai in teaching
ChatGPT can be a valuable resource for teachers to enhance their teaching practice and support student learning. It can be used to generate discussion questions, writing prompts, assignments, quizzes, tests, and more.
Additionally, ChatGPT can be used as a language model to generate examples of written work, which can be used to help students improve their writing or reading skills.


ChatGPT is especially helpful for researchers to help gather and sort information. It can help them find relevant sources on a particular topic, generate new ideas or hypotheses, and sort and analyze large amounts of data.
It can also aid researchers in generating high-quality summaries of research articles, saving time and allowing them to quickly extract the key findings and insights from large amounts of text.

Customer service representatives

ChatGPT can assist customer service representatives in providing faster and more accurate responses to customer queries. It can also be used to automate certain processes and free up customer service representatives to focus on more complex tasks.
ChatGPT can also be trained on historical customer data to provide personalized and relevant recommendations to customers.

Business executives

Executives can use ChatGPT to ask questions and get instant access to vast amounts of information on a wide range of business topics, including market trends, consumer behavior, industry news, and best practices.
ChatGPT can also assist with decision-making by providing insights into complex problems and suggesting potential solutions.

A word of warning

The release of ChatGPT was a huge development in the world of artificial intelligence, and we’ve already seen just how beneficial it can be in a variety of industries. But like any other powerful tool, it must be used responsibly.
That’s because ChatGPT is far from perfect. It often has trouble interpreting long inputs or complex sentence structure. Additionally, its responses are often excessively detailed and repetitive, and can even be completely nonsensical. More urgently, ChatGPT can tend to present false information as facts.
There’s also a debate over ChatGPT and its place in education. While it has many functions helpful for research and studying, many instructors have raised concerns about plagiarism and cheating.
It’s important to keep all that in mind when utilizing ChatGPT. If you’re using it to answer a specific question, it’s important to fact check it before the material is read by others. You should also keep an eye out for repetitive or excessively complex material in the output.
ChatGPT is best used as a supplement to one’s work - it is not a be all, end all solution to getting all of your work done automatically.

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AI has been around for a while now, but it was only just recently that we’ve been seeing incredible progress in the field. Perhaps the most impressive is ChatGPT, which, as we’ve seen, has a number of different applications in a variety of industries. If you think you and your work could benefit from ChatGPT, consider incorporating it into your workflow.

About the Author

Cameron Cashman is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Cameron is based in New England and has experience writing for a variety of industries, including technology, gaming, finance, HR, and recruiting.

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