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Best Poly Speakerphones for Conference Calls

Best Poly Speakerphones for Conference Calls

Jessica Childres
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Now more than ever, staying connected with our coworkers throughout the day is imperative. Whether you’re working from home or in a satellite office, having a reliable Poly speakerphone can make a difference in your communication lines.
Choosing the right device for your office can keep employees connected and eliminate miscommunication or constantly asking each other to “please repeat that.” Here’s a look at some of the best Poly speakerphones for conference calls and why they stand out from the rest.

What makes a Poly speakerphone stand out?

what makes poly speakerphones so unique
While these four Poly speakerphones differ in many ways, they each have a few things in common. These devices stand out because they each have features like long battery life, allowing you to stay connected through even the lengthiest conference calls.
They’re lightweight and portable, allowing you to use them in different areas of the office or move the speakerphone while talking, if needed. The best Poly speakerphones are also compatible with various operating systems and provide easy Bluetooth connection to your phones and mobile devices.
In addition, these speakerphones are easy to use, with programmable and clearly marked buttons. Here are the best Poly speakerphones for conference calls based on these key features.

Poly Sync 20+ USB-A Speakerphone

The slim and lightweight Poly Sync 20+ USB-A Speakerphone is one of the best options on the market. With features like a 20-hour battery life and a carrying case, it’s easy to work on the go with this device.
Whether you have to place conference calls on the road or constantly switch rooms within the office, this portable device makes it easy. You can easily transport the speakerphone from room to room, or pack it in your overnight bag and take it on the road with you.
Not only does it provide a bidirectional microphone for talking on a conference call, but it also doubles as a music speaker. You can rock out to your favorite artists after a long day of work without having to worry about the battery.
This device boasts a bass reflex system and dual passive radiators, making it easy to communicate with everyone on the conference call. You’ll no longer have to worry about your coworkers sounding muffled or like they’re speaking from a different room.
As one of the best Poly speakerphones, this device helps you maintain crisp and accurate communication with everyone in the office, while also serving as a music speaker and a portable charger.

Poly Sync 40 USB-A USB-C Speakerphone

If you often use multiple ways to connect to a conference call, look no further than the Poly Sync 40 USB-A USB-C Speakerphone. With Bluetooth capabilities and a combined USB Type-A and USB Type-C cable, you can easily connect to the device that works best for your conference calls.
With programmable buttons, including a sync button, volume up and down, mute, and end call, it’s easy to navigate through every conversation. The three-microphone steerable array allows you to hear everyone in the room, giving each employee a voice during the call. Innovative bass reflect technology makes your conversations that much clearer.
When you’re ready to unwind at the end of a long workday, you can use this lightweight speakerphone to listen to your favorite music. With easy-to-use music controls and stunning sound, you can immerse yourself in your favorite artists or podcasts.
In addition to these great features, this Poly USB speakerphone boasts up to 30 hours of talk time, giving you the confidence to take on multiple meetings throughout the day.

Poly Sync 10 Speakerphone

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office devices or need a reliable connection while working from home, the Poly Sync 10 Speakerphone is a fantastic option. The touch-sensitive controls with LED indicators make it easy to use each function, helping this device rank as one of the best Poly speakerphones. This is a great option if you often host conference calls with multiple colleagues in the same room. The full duplex audio technology filters conversations, ensuring that only the person talking directly to the speakerphone is heard while the background noise is canceled out.
This technology eliminates confusion and miscommunication, helping your office focus on what really matters. In addition, this slim device is powered by a USB connection, so you never have to worry about it dying during an important business call. The device comes with a USB-A cable as well as a USB-C adapter, making it easy to plug into any device and start talking. Once the workday is over, you can continue to use this Poly speakerphone to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks.
It’s compatible with Windows 10 and macOS, giving users the option to plug it into the device that works best for their specific office setup.

Poly Sync 60 USB-A USB-C Speakerphone

The Poly Sync 60 USB-A USB-C Speaker Phone boasts unique features like a visual LED voice level meter, ideal for the home office. With this visible meter, you won’t have to wonder if the device is picking up your voice, and the talker-tracking visual shows you when the voice on the other line is getting picked up, which can prevent overlapping conversations.
Features like the adaptive gain control help the voices on the other line maintain a steady volume, whether they move closer or further from the speaker. You can focus on the conversation and the information instead of constantly changing the volume throughout the call.
The sleek and lightweight design makes it easy for this device to sit on any desk or workspace or travel with those who work on the go. The easy Bluetooth setup and USB-A/USB-C cable connection make it easy to pair this Poly speakerphone with your mobile device, laptop, or desktop.
This lightweight speakerphone is also fantastic for any office that hosts conference calls with multiple people in the same room. The six-microphone steerable array eliminates background noise and side conversations, allowing the listeners on the other end to focus on what the speaker has to say.
With full duplex audio and twin music speakers, you can rest assured that you receive a crisp sound, eliminating unnecessary miscommunication during important conference calls.
If your office is looking to streamline video calls, you can connect your video USB to the device to maintain quality audio throughout the entire video conference, eliminating the need for additional devices.


These four Poly speakerphones have great features that help them stand out as the best options. While each is slightly different, these devices offer quality sound output, background noise reduction, and lightweight frames that can easily fit on any desk or conference table.
Once you pin down your top needs for your home office or workspace, like the ability to charge your phone while maintaining a call or connecting the Poly speakerphone to a video call, then you can make the right choice for your office.
For example, the Poly Sync 20+ USB-A speakerphone’s ability to be used as a portable charger is a great addition for anyone who works on the go and often has to conduct conference calls while traveling.
The Poly Sync 40 USB-A USB-C speakerphone is compatible with multiple devices and various operating systems, allowing you to easily go from connecting to one computer to the next as you host different meetings throughout the day.
The Poly Sync 10 speakerphone’s compact design makes this a fantastic option for those with a home office, while the advanced speakers help you unwind with your favorite songs after a long day.
The Poly Sync 60 USB-A USB-C speaker phone’s six-microphone steerable array allows you to host a conference call with multiple people in the room without having to worry about background noise, making this the best option for large offices and staff meetings.
While each of these is considered a terrific option, they all have something unique that sets them apart from one another. Regardless of your individual office needs, you can rest assured that one of these Poly speakerphones can help you take your conference calls to the next level.

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