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best poly savi headsets for small business

Top 5 Poly Savi Headsets for Small Businesses

Anna-Marie Brittain
Reading time: 7 minutes

Looking for the best headset for small business? If you're a freelancer, remote worker, or working in a bustling office, the right headset makes all the difference in your productivity.
The Poly Savi office series headsets are worth your attention. Designed for professional settings, built to deliver quality audio and all-day comfort.
Whether you prefer a wireless headset, one that’s wired, or a hybrid, these popular choices will fit the bill.

Poly Savi 8220 Office 3-Way Connectivity Headset

The Poly Savi 8220 Office 3-Way Connectivity Headset is part of the Savi 8200 office series. It boasts wireless connectivity and hours of battery life. Thanks to the rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery, users can enjoy roaming freedom. It features a line-of-sight wireless range of up to 180 meters or 590 feet in an open area absent of signal barriers. In typical office environments, users get up to 55 meters of wireless range. The over-the-head (OTH) models deliver up to 13 hours of talk time.
Poly Savi 8220 Microsoft Teams Certified DECT Office 3-Way Connectivity Headset
With DECT™ security standards, the Poly Savi 8220 headset keeps conversations private. The 3-way connectivity feature makes managing calls easier. You can connect your computer, desk phone, and mobile phone to a single base. Need more colleagues on conference calls? You can connect up to 4 headsets to a single USB adapter.
The noise-canceling microphone design helps prevent background noise from interrupting your call. Voice alerts let you know when you’re stepping out of range or on mute. The 3-way headset is Microsoft Teams certified; users have instant access to it at the touch of a button. The Savi 8200 UC Series headsets are Zoom-compatible right out of the box. Setup is a breeze, so you can get to work soon as the new equipment arrives.

Poly Savi 8220 UC DECT USB-A Headset

Another long-range headset to check out is the Poly Savi 8220 UC DECT USB-A Headset. DECT technology contributes to the impressive line-of-sight range. It delivers up to 137 meters or 450 feet of wireless range when staying within line of sight. Handle calls without worrying about privacy, thanks to the trusted DECT security standards.
Poly Savi 8220 UC DECT USB-A Headset
It features a universal D400 USB adaptor for plug-and-play connectivity to any PC or Mac. The single base can also connect up to 3 devices at once, your mobile phone, computer, and desk phone. The flexible microphone boom helps optimize your audio experience by adjusting its position. The active noise-canceling feature keeps calls clear and concise. The noise-canceling mic with close conversation limiting blocks external sounds.
SoundGuard DIGITAL Sound leveling and acoustic limiting provide optimal listening comfort. It works by protecting users against sounds that exceed 118 dBA. Manage all calls with dedicated controls for mute, volume, answer, and end. Remote management with Poly Lens, a cloud-based device management software, makes self-service and troubleshooting easy. Whether you’re a hybrid worker, work-from-home, or always traveling, the portable Poly Savi 8220 USB-A headset will keep up with your hectic work day.

Poly Savi 8210 USB-A Headset

The sleek Poly Savi 8210 USB-A Headset is Microsoft Teams certified and Zoom compatible. When using the dedicated Microsoft Teams version, get a smooth listening experience with fast meeting starts and quick notification updates. You can use Zoom right out of the box. Collaborate with colleagues no matter which conference platform you have to use.
Poly Savi 8210 UC DECT USB-A Headset
The DECT technology delivers a wireless and long-range line of sight of up to 137 meters or 450 feet. Get the freedom to stay moving while working. The plug-and-play connectivity is a universal D400 USB adapter that is compatible with a PC or Mac. An omnidirectional microphone boom gives you the perfect position to fit your task. Noise and echo reduction will make speaking directly into the mic disruption-free. Use the dedicated controls to accept or decline calls and adjust the volume. Flip the mic up and use the mute control when you need audio privacy from the call.
Made with Poly Lens, a cloud-based device management software, users can get convenient self-service and end-user deployment from anywhere. Cloud-based access allows remote management. Great for workers needing to set up their office at home, the cafe, or the library conference room.

Poly Savi 8240 USB-A Headset

If you’re interested in a discreet, lightweight headset, the Poly Savi 8240 USB-A Headset is what you need. You get many wearing styles, including a 3-in-1 convertible option. It’s built for all-day comfort, so you can fit it onto your ear with ease.
Poly Savi 8240 UC DECT USB-A Headset
Like the Poly Savi 8220 headset, this USB-A headphone gives users a line-of-sight wireless roaming range of up to 180 meters or 590 feet. The voice alert feature lets you know if it’s on mute or if you have gone out of range. The rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery only takes 3 hours to charge. It has a talk time of up to 7 hours with a standby time of 30 hours. That sounds like the right amount of time needed to get a full day of calls done.
The 3-way connectivity base makes managing calls a breeze. The single base allows connectivity to your computer, desk phone, and smartphone. The Poly Savi 8240 headset design makes it a perfect option for conference calls and collaborative meetings. Users can pair up to 2 devices at once.
You can also connect up to 4 headsets to a single USB adapter. The portable unit makes it a popular choice for freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses.

Poly Savi 7210 Mono Headset

For a headset fit for desk phones, take a look at the Poly Savi 7210 Mono Headset with a connectivity base. Want a cost-effective Bluetooth headset option? The Poly Savi 7200 office series will pique your interest. It’s built with two listening modes: the mono or over-the-head one-ear and the binaural two-ear style.
Poly Savi 7210 DECT 6 Mono Headset
It’s compatible with a wide array of Poly desk phones, including over 800 analog and IP desk phones. It’s built for seamless integration with any office environment. Ever had to step away from your desk, but you’re waiting for an important call? Keep the headset on and use the Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) with a ring alert. It gives users the ability to control calls remotely. You can accept or decline calls with ease. Save time answering important calls thanks to the HL10 handset lifter. It will automatically take the handset off the hook when there’s an incoming call.
Users don’t have to worry about choppy or dropped calls when they step away from their workstations. The hands-free headset has a roaming range of 120 meters or 400 feet. Work long hours? The Poly Savi 7210 delivers as long as 12 hours of talk time. Cross every call, meeting, or conference off, thanks to a long-running battery. The Lithium-ion battery only takes 3 hours to charge. Track the charge by using the convenient docking station charge indicator.

Poly tools for small business

Curious about earbud-style headsets? Having a backup headset isn’t a bad idea for your must-have list of workstation tools. The Poly Voyager Free 60 UC carbon black earbuds offer just as many features as the Poly Savi 8200 headset line.
Poly Voyager 5200 UC USB-A Bluetooth Headset
As you search for new headsets, consider the number of colleagues you interact with during conference calls. Do you have enough sets? If more than 4 people are part of the meeting, it might be time to invest in Poly speakerphones for conference calls.
Productivity and success in any profession need more than one or two tools. A durable, trustworthy headset is recommended in any office setting. But, so too are other office essentials. Make sure you keep up with all the industry standards. Peruse the high-end headsets and remember to update your computer or portable workstation.
Complete your workspace with all the business tools and equipment you need. Want to raise the bar on your performance? Check out high-performance computer monitors, top wireless keyboards, and all-in-one printers.


The Poly Savi 8200 headset series are clearly designed for professional settings. High performance, durability, and portability make them a prime choice for freelancers, remote workers, and hybrid workers.
Professionals interested in seamless compatibility need to take a closer look at the Poly Savi 7210 Mono headset. It’s able to connect with hundreds of industry-leading analog and IP desk phones. Whether you work from home or run a busy firm, this headset is the go-to option. It's adaptable and has a high level of connectivity.
Effective communication is a necessity if you want your work to be successful. These headsets are more than office tools. They’re built with immersive audio, secure communication, and impressive versatility. These are all the qualities to look for in a professional-level headset.

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