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best poly headsets for working from home

5 Best Poly Headsets for Working from Home

Kirstyn Amanda
Reading time: 7 minutes
Working from home has become more popular today than ever before, with more and more companies adopting a remote working style. This has come with the demand for devices and accessories, with headsets making it to the top of the list of must-haves.
The best headset for working from home has to meet your needs and preferences with attention to sound quality, noise cancellation, and comfort. But, before buying a pair, there are features you should keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of your headset. Whether looking for comfortably-fitting headsets or a noise-cancellation feature, you can choose from HP’s collection of Poly headsets.

Poly headset buying guide: Everything you need to know


The best office headset should be made of the best quality material. This will determine how long the headset will last. Sound and bass balance are additional quality features you need to keep in mind, especially if you listen to music as you work or edit videos.
Making voice calls for work should be a breeze; therefore, you need to ensure the mic is clear. The noise cancellation feature is a must-have if you prefer to work in a quiet environment. With this, you can block background noise and concentrate on work.


The last thing you want from a headset is having to deal with tagging resulting from an uncomfortable fit. The right pair should sit comfortably on your ears, not too tight yet snug enough to stay in place. Ideally, you should get a pair of headsets that you can adjust freely to match your perfect fit.
Working from home can get you wrapped around work for hours, in between the breaks listening to your favorite jams. So, you want comfortable headsets in addition to quality sound and user-friendliness.


Are your headsets compatible with your devices? Most Poly headsets on the market are built to work with most devices seamlessly, but you ought to confirm this before you invest. Consider the type of devices you intend to use your headsets with; think of your phone, laptop, docking station, etc.
Ideally, the headsets should be able to connect to the various devices without lagging - think of when you want to switch from one device to the other. The connection should be straightforward and in as short a time as possible.


Having control over your headset while you go about your work adds to your flexibility. One, a suitable pair of headsets should come with an easy-to-access mute button that allows you to silence your mic when running virtual meetings and calls. Poly headsets come with indicators in the form of a light that shows that the headsets are on mute - the light then automatically goes off when you unmute the headsets.
Think about how media or other sounds when using a headset can be unbearably loud. Now, with an east-to-access volume button, you can lower or increase the volume as needed.
And, if you want to sit in silence and immerse yourself in work for hours, the headsets should muffle any extraneous noise through a toggle switch for active noise cancellation for both the mic and headphones.

Support multi-communication channels

Wireless headsets for work should have systems and functions that support several communications options. The quality of communication and audio clarity should be stable through Bluetooth, a mobile device, or a wireless connection to a desktop.
The right headsets deliver quality sound, regardless of the communication channel you use - you should be able to hear your callers clearly, whether it's a voice call or video conference.

Support digital assistants

If you are working and have your hands full, it would be a plus if your wireless headsets come with an inbuilt feature that supports digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, making multitasking easier for you. With this feature, you can issue prompts or commands to the assistant to type an email or text while you work on something else.

Dual earbud feature

A dual earbud feature allows wireless headsets to connect to at least two peripherals simultaneously. In addition to the easy connection, you can control the media output volume of each device independently.

Rechargeable design

While Poly headsets are built to last hours with one charge, getting them powered up should be a breeze. Thankfully, these designs are rechargeable and get to full charge quickly, so you do not have to worry about waiting hours to get your headsets powered up.

Best Poly Headsets for Working From Home

Poly Blackwire 3310, USB-A Headset

Poly Blackwire 3310-M Headset
The Poly Blackwire 3310 has a high-quality audio feature that delivers a clear sound with noise cancellation muting unwanted sounds.
These over-the-head headsets are designed with a fully adjustable headset that rotates at different configurations to suit you, ensuring a comfortable, secure, and stable fit. The flexible microphone makes it the best wireless headset for working from home when you need to be mobile to do something else like laundry while on a call.
On-the-ear headsets are lighter when compared to over-the-head headsets, but thanks to their padded headband, Poly headsets are comfortable for several hours of wear.

Poly Blackwire 3320, USB-A

Poly Blackwire 3320-M Headset
If you are looking for the best work-from-home headset that is comfortable even after several hours of wear, the Poly Blackwire 3320 should be on your radar. It has soft foam pads that offer additional comfort, giving you a snug-enough fit without pressing hard on your ears.
It offers high-quality audio that is clean and crisp, requires no setup, and has an easy-to-connect plugin. Moreover, the control buttons work well, so you can mute or unmute the headsets as you need to.
If you work from home, you’d agree that having a quiet environment is key to ensuring you stay productive. Now, dealing with background noise cannot get easier with this headset’s noise-cancellation function.
Another thing that stands out with this headset is the price point; compared to others with a similar design and function, this model is affordable. Despite being affordable, it still provides the functionality and style of high-end options.

Poly Voyager 4300 UC 4310 UC Headset

Poly Voyager 4310 Headset
The best wireless headsets for working from home should have some range, allowing you to use them away from your device without losing the quality and clarity of sound. The Poly Voyager 4300 UC 4310 has a great range of up to 164 feet, so you can pick up calls and move away from your device without worrying about echoes.
The Teams button works perfectly with a PC or mobile phone in a home or office setup. If you work remotely on Teams or Zoom, the headset works seamlessly with both. It also has a longer battery life, even on a single charge, allowing you to move from one call to another without worrying about it dying on you.
This headset will be a great option if you prefer an over-the-ear type. The mute and control buttons are conveniently placed on the headset, and you can control the volume while still on a call.

Poly Voyager 4300 UC 4320-M Headset

Poly Voyager 4320-M Headset
A feature that makes the Poly Voyager 4300 UC 4320-M Headset a great wireless headset for work is the range it offers whenever you need to move around. With the Bluetooth connection, the sound quality remains constant without much interference, even when you are not at your desk.
Whether working from a hybrid setup or the office, this headset is compatible and pairs well with other devices like mobile or desk phones or a PC or Mac. The headset covers all your communication needs, including activating digital assistants.
The control buttons needed to adjust the volume, start and end calls, turn Bluetooth on and off or switch the unit on or off are strategically placed on the headset. Its microphone is permanently fixed on one side but can rotate and be tweaked and readjusted to fit preference.
Furthermore, the microphone function works well, and the corded USB headset ensures the sound is crystal clear; you will not have to keep repeating yourself to be heard.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset
One of the distinguishing features of the Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset that makes it one the best wireless headsets for working from home is its digital hybrid active noise cancellation. It eliminates the noise from your home’s background, giving you the peace and quiet you need to concentrate on work.
The sound quality for music playback or calls is exceptional, which is a plus, especially if you use your headsets for work conference calls. Additionally, these headsets offer good bass if you use the headset primarily for music or video watching.
The noise cancelation feature stretches to the microphone, further blocking incoming sound in your surroundings. The headset has an inbuilt dynamic mute alert with a light that lets you know when you are speaking on mute.

The right work-from-home headset for you

Working remotely often comes with challenges and an environment you cannot control. A suitable work-from-home headset is essential for seamless communication, ensuring productivity and smooth workflow. With this in mind, purchasing an ideal pair of headsets should be strongly driven by the features and functions you are getting from them.

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