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Top 5 Fortnite Players in the World

Top 5 Fortnite Players in the World in 2018

Sean Whaley
Reading time: 9 minutes
If you want to be the best, you have to study the best.
Reaching the top of the leaderboards in Fortnite Battle Royal is no small feat. It takes hours of dedication and practice every single day. Beyond that, you need to understand the metagame at a deeper level.
Situational awareness, knowledge of the map, calculating the best place to drop in Fortnite, memorizing the latest patch notes, and expertise with every weapon is vital to your success. Anyone who watches the top streamers knows the level of dedication and practice it takes to reach the position of expertise they’ve achieved.
The best Fortnite players put the pedal to the metal every time, leaving every last ounce of their being on the island during each game.

Who are the best Fortnite players for PC?

1. Ninja
2. BlooTea
3. Fnatic_Ettnix
4. OVELONuwatakashi
5. Sevennoss
When you think of legendary Fortnite players, it’s nearly impossible not to acknowledge Ninja's prowess.
For PC, Ninja and BlooTea [1] are neck and neck for most wins overall, including every version of the game (solo, squad, duo, etc.). Not far behind are Fnatic_Ettnix, OVELONuwatakashi, and Sevennoss. What really makes Ninja [2] a standout among the top five Fortnite players, is his live stream on Twitch.tv and the mind-boggling, impressive accomplishments he’s made throughout his career.
According to TwitchMetrics, Ninja has the most-followed Fortnite Twitch stream with over 10M viewers. Ninja’s fame gained even more steam when he did a live stream with artist Drake, in which Ninja crushed the current record for viewers on a single stream at 628K.
In terms of solo competition within Fortnite Battle Royale, Ninja is currently only ranked 27th in Fortnitetracker.com. However, this shouldn’t diminish his reputation as one of the best. Ninja’s solo ranking is partly due to the fact that he prefers to play a variety of the game options, rather than just one.
Most of the other top players for the overall category on PC fall into similar standings when looking at categories like duos, squad, and solo.
There are exceptions such as Ninja, who falls within the top eight players in the duo's category, but it’s best to look at the overall matchups when judging the top players, unless there are standouts in multiple categories.

The top 5 Fortnite players for Xbox One

1. Terry 5L
2. PierXBL Twitch TV
3. xbl (Blue Skunnits)
4. dondotta57
5. Darktrust
Whereas the PC rankings for Fortnite are close and in constant fluctuation, it’s clear who the top dogs of Fortnite are when it comes to the Xbox One platform, especially in solo victories.
With over 4,700 wins in the overall category, its Terry 5L of Mexico. If you’ve ever watched any of his montages on YouTube, you know this guy isn’t messing around. Anyone trying to learn the advanced techniques and strategies of Fortnite can soak up a metric ton of wisdom from Terry 5L.
In a similar vein with over 4,000 wins, PierXBL TwitchTV comes in second. However, xbl (Blue Skunnits) isn’t far behind in third, eagerly climbing his way to the top. Finally, dondotta571 and Darktrust currently hold the 4th and 5th position, respectively, for the overall win category on Xbox One.
Who is the best Fortnite Player in the world for Xbox One? Most would certainly give the title to PierXBL TwitchTV. Not only is PierXBL TwitchTV number two in the overall category, but he holds the top position in the solo category with almost twice as many wins as the second place contender.
If you predominantly play Fortnite on this platform and you want to learn from the best, we highly recommend studying these best players on Xbox One. There’s still plenty of valuable knowledge and strategy to be gained from watching Ninja play on PC, but the interface dynamics on the Xbox One can dramatically affect how you play in certain situations.
Cycling through materials and weapons changes the way you react to, and plan for, different scenarios. If you want to step up your knowledge of the metagame and learn new, valuable skills, it’s critical to watch the live streams that PierXBL TwitchTV uploads to YouTube.
While you learn the best places to go in Fortnite, unique weapons to build, and in-game strategies from players on various platforms, it’s best to stay consistent with whatever system you choose.

The best Fortnite players on PS4

In the overall category for the Fortnite PS4 platform, the top five are as follows:
With the exception of ViniciusAmazing, the top positions are extremely close (within 100 wins).
Much like PierXBL TwitchTV in the Xbox One category, AlexRamiGaming [3] of Great Britain holds the number one position with 1,000 wins in the solo category. It would be difficult to deny AlexRamiGaming one of the top dog positions when it comes to Fortnite for PS4. After watching his stream for just a few minutes, you can quickly see the skill this elite gamer brings to the table.
One of the strategies that AlexRamiGaming implements is keeping his peripheral vision as wide as possible, which can be aided by curved PC monitors.
While it might seem like a no-brainer for anyone who has played a first-person shooter, it’s the way he goes about it that stands out and makes him a top-tier player. By radically moving his camera angle from side to side while performing tasks like gathering building material and picking up items, AlexRamiGaming is able to stay aware of his environment at all times.
When it comes to solo play in Fortnite Battle Royal, maintaining this awareness is vital to success. Any experienced player will tell you to cover every possible angle and always mind your blind spots. AlexRamiGaming pro tip:

When coming up on a building, jump around the outside windows to catch a glimpse and get the upper hand on anyone inside.

Of course, many will argue that ViniciusAmazing should be considered the greatest Fortnite player for PS4 because of his number one rank in both overall and squad categories. At the end of the day, it comes down to a matter of opinion, because it’s hard to say which category of the game carries the most weight: solo, duo, or squad.
If your primary objective is to learn from the top players, you should watch whoever holds the top position for the category you enjoy playing the most.

Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch

But what about the best players on the Nintendo Switch? This system is still relatively young, as Fortnite for the Switch only came out in June of 2018, but is still noteworthy nonetheless.
It’ll take some time before we see any talent rise to the top of the Switch community; most of the competitive play will take place on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. But Kiwiz, a YouTube streamer who claims to be the Ninja of Fortnite on the Switch, provides some valuable content when it comes to playing on this system.
If you want to play competitively, however, you might want to convert to a platform with a larger community.

What makes someone the best Fortnite player in the world?

The king of Fortnite depends heavily on the system they play on, and who you ask. A quick look at Fortnite Twitter debates regarding the best players is enough to make your head spin. However, it’s hard to argue with the leaderboards on Fortnitetracker.com.
It’s easy to shut down a verbal scuffle about who’s the best Fortnite player with the classic playground retort, “Scoreboard.” Heaps of YouTubers will claim so-and-so is Fortnite’s best player because of this or that, but unless they have the online record or tournament ranking to prove it, their claims are nothing more than subjective opinions.
Having said that, it’s only fair to claim who is the best Fortnite player within each gaming console. This is especially true when you consider the number of gamers playing on their phones.
Anyone who has played Fortnite on a gaming PC or console will likely tell you just how different the experience is. Fortnite for PC is a different animal, plain and simple. Most players find that the skill cap for PC is significantly higher due to the user interface.
Some noteworthy differences include zero input lag, the ability to press a button for each weapon rather than cycling with the toggle, and significant speed differences when accessing your inventory or building materials. Because of these interface features, the ceiling for impressive feats in lightning time is much higher for gaming PCs versus consoles.
While speculative, an argument could be made that the best Fortnite player in the world would have to play on PC.

Key strategies and knowledge

Conceptually, Fortnite is not a difficult game to understand. To win you need to be the last player, duo, or squad standing. The game is a true example of a Battle Royale-style competition.
Everyone starts with an equal opportunity to win and succeed. You can choose to drop into the center, where some of the better weapons are, to duke it out in a densely populated area. Or, you and your squad can hit the outskirts of the island while you work your way in, avoiding contact as much as possible.
No matter how you approach the game, your primary objective is to stay alive. Unlike other major first-person shooter titles like Halo and Call of Duty, kills aren’t the only way to win. Of course, if it’s down to you and one other player at the end of the game, there’s no choice but to eliminate them in order to taste victory.
Players like Ninja love to drop into a densely populated area and wreak havoc, but entering on the outside, then slowly working your way in as the boundary closes, is another viable strategy.
If you’re just getting started, your primary focus should be to learn how to do two things: shoot and build. Gathering materials to build structures and barriers is vital to your success as a Fortnite player. It’s much each easier to shoot raining down on another player than it is to shoot upwards. Just be careful not to build too high in certain situations; if someone shoots out the bottom portion of your structure, you will plummet to your doom.
While some streamers like to argue that their shotgun or machine gun-heavy build is the best way to play, you should play with the weapons that work best for your gaming style.
Some weapons are certainly better than others; Fortnite’s color-coding system makes this concept easy to understand. The color list descends from weakest to strongest, with gold being the most powerful.
  • Gray - Common
  • Green - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Gold - Legendary
When you’re struggling to decide whether or not to swap one weapon out for another, reverting back to the color list is a great way to decide.

What about tournament wins?

Tournament wins are impressive, but they don’t apply the same set of rules for determining victory that the online games do.
In this year’s 500K Fortnite Battle Royal Summer Skirmish competition, a point system was developed for placement and the number of kills, rather than the traditional, last-man-standing wins. While this may not seem like a big deal, it completely changes the way you approach winning and the strategies used to do so.
While kills don’t matter as much in the online competitive play, they carry significant weight in some eSports and professional gaming tournaments. Having said that, online standings and records are the best way to determine who the best players are because they are true to the game with no added rules or regulations.


You can learn a lot from watching the greats and reading their strategies, but the best method to learn is playing the game itself.
Fortnite is free, so download this incredible game on your phone, PC, Xbox, PS4, or Switch and start working your way to victory in the greatest Battle Royale game of all time. For more free games, here are some of the best free PC games available today.

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