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How to Snipe in PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)

How to Snipe in PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)

Reading time: 4 minutes

Check out this video on tips for how to master sniping in PUBG by Holo

Sniping in any first person shooter game is equal parts science to art. Elite gamer and HP #OMENSquad member Holo (@HoloArigato) gives some of his first-rate tips on how to snipe in PUBG using HP OMEN Gaming PCs.
Specifically, what to do when you’re in a one-on-one battle with the enemy including when and how long to peek to get in the final shot.
Check it out these gaming tips from a pro PC gamer:
Dojo Highlights: Mastering Sniping with HoloPlaysGames

OMEN Dojo Highlights: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

  • Hard peeking
  • Peeker’s advantage
  • Crosshair placements
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Hard peeking
My favorite thing in the world is when I get into a peek battle with somebody, like a sniper battle, I’m behind cover, and they’re like at a wall and they're just doing this. This is called hard peeking, where you’re just literally holding an angle with your scope you’re just scoped in and waiting for that person to show themselves.
Yeah, it affords you a lot of vision and you can see what your opponent’s doing if this is like - pretend this is a tree and he’s like, jiggle peeking out to the left or jiggle peeking out to the right or running around like whatever, you have all that visual information. But as soon as that opponent knows exactly where you are and you continue to do this hard peek, they can headshot you before you can even react.

Movement is to your advantage

The person who sees the other person first has the advantage. If I strafe out of cover and just go “boom” like that, the odds of him even seeing me long enough for him to react is extremely low. This guy’s clients like, “Hey, this guy is just standing still, standing still, standing still, standing still,” whereas the guy who strafes out, the game has to be like oh, so, he wasn’t on this guy’s holding heart, but he wasn’t on his screen, but he just moved out of cover - oh, he just shot, oh, he just hit that guy, and all of that’s happening with a little bit of delay so the advantage goes to the person who’s actually moving.

Crosshair placements

I’m gonna teach you guys crosshair placement tricks now so that you don’t have to feel like you need to hold a peek in order to snipe at people. Because so many people do this, where they’re just like watching, watching, watching, and if I see someone watching like that, I’m like I’m gonna pop out and headshot this guy before they can do anything.
Pretend this is a tree, and it’s a solid tree and I can’t, my target’s there, but I can’t actually, I don’t actually know that. So, you’re jiggle peeking you know your shoulder peeking you're looking for information and then you spot your opponent. So, you place your crosshair roughly where you think they are, and then you step out and your crosshair’s gonna be roughly on them.
More or less, when I go and I step out on an ADS (aiming down sights), you’re only gonna have to make a minor correction. You’re not making, like, a big, like, sweep. Big sweeps are hard to make precisely versus, oh, I’m just slightly off target.

Mistakes to avoid

A lot of people swing out and have to like, make a big correction with their crosshair placement, and if you aren't strafing out on target and you're like, “Oh, I gotta make a big sweep to get a precise headshot,” you’re probably gonna die.
It's ok if the person doesn't know you're there, like, let's say you're watching a building and you see players running inside of the building and you're just waiting for someone to walk strafe into the window and look around as soon as someone knows exactly where you are, don’t hold this peek like this waiting for them to reappear because if they’re a good shot they’re gonna reappear and *snap* kill you before you can even react in time.


  • Avoid staying still when peeking an angle
  • Move when peeking to spot and take down enemies faster
  • Always keep crosshairs pointed at enemies last location
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