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HP ZBook Studio G9 Mobile Workstation - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business12th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage16" diagonal WUXGA displayIntel® Iris® Xᵉ Graphics


HP ZBook Power G9 Mobile Workstation - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business12th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage15.6" diagonal FHD displayIntel® UHD graphics


HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 Mobile Workstation - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage17.6" diagonal FHD displayIntel® UHD Graphics


HP ZBook Fury 15 G8 Mobile Workstation - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor16 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage15.6" diagonal FHD displayIntel® UHD Graphics


HP ZBook Firefly 15 G8 Mobile Workstation - Customizable

Windows 11 Pro - HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor8 GB memory; 256 GB SSD storage15.6" diagonal FHD displayNVIDIA® T500 (4G DDR6)


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More about these products

The HP workstation laptop: a modern solution for busy professionals

Modern professionals are no longer restricted to the office, at least not in the traditional sense. Maybe your office is a comfortable hotel room one day and a crowded airport terminal the next. Responsibilities don't put themselves on hold just because we're not available in person or near a power outlet.
Wherever you work, it’s important to have the right tools. Your 9-to-5 will never be the same after you level up with one of the best HP workstation laptops. They can handle just about anything you throw at them, including the latest video games because they provide the powerful specs of dedicated gaming laptops.
Expect a long line of trusted laptop workstations provisioned with the latest Intel® corporation processors and long battery life. Want benchmark performance and unbeatable price? You can also find tons of notable mobile workstation deals when you shop the HP laptop store for a powerful new desktop replacement. Save on new HP tech and get the best components from our trusted partners, with standout CPUs under the trusted Intel logo and laptops loaded with the latest Windows operating system.

The best workstation laptops by design

When it comes to accomplishing more and making the most of your time, your computer’s components matter. A fast processor can be the difference between editing your video in time for a deadline and your machine crumbling under the pressure. The better your processor, the better your overall performance.
A laptop's visual quality can be the difference between noticing a mistake on a business document before it goes to a client, and paying for it when you don’t. Most laptop users love display options, and we've got you covered with tons of the best mobile workstations boasting strong graphics processing and visual output.
Invest in technology from a company that takes attention to detail as seriously as you do. The HP Store has an entire range of workstation laptops ready to help you and your business grow and thrive, with everything you need to run graphics-heavy programs and competitive prices powered by a tradition of innovation.

The best mobile workstations vs laptops: what’s the difference?

If you need serious performance out of your laptop for design, science, or other types of resource-heavy work, you need a workstation laptop. These machines are designed from top to bottom to deliver the best features that streamline your workday and help you accomplish your daily tasks with ease.

Power to handle even the biggest tasks

If you work with 3D models or any resource-heavy software, you need a device that can keep up. These types of tasks create stress on your computer. The difference between a regular laptop and an HP workstation laptop is that a workstation handles that stress brilliantly, so you can power through any project without worrying about your device.

HP's best workstation laptops have everything you need

Mobile professionals require the right equipment to get the job done. And with the best workstation laptop, you can easily tackle anything that lands in your inbox. HP workstation laptops are characterized by powerful processors, detail-amplifying displays, collaborative features, and a variety of sizes to complement your lifestyle.
If you’re looking for flexible computing options, the HP ZBook series is a stellar line of workstation laptops that can enhance any professional’s day. After all, you don’t have time to deal with machines that slow you down, whether you work for a leading digital publisher or independent software vendors.
HP ZBooks deliver speed and portability, and they have a durable chassis you can feel confident traveling with inside your carry-on or check-in bag to airports, conference meetings, and hotels. In fact, these laptops undergo military-grade testing, so you can have total peace of mind that they’re not going to fail when you need them most.

Excellent battery life and hardware

Regardless of your small business niche or industry, HP ZBooks come in a variety of form factors and configurations so you can get the machine that best fits your needs. Check out our complete HP ZBook review here, with extra details on battery life, operating system, as well as extras like SD card slot availability.
In addition to their sleek design, HP ZBooks boast impressive specs to accomplish resource-intensive tasks. You'll love the excellent processing power for demanding tasks, massive storage options, and dedicated GPUs, which make this an ideal choice for any professional.
Plus, you can pair touch screen-enabled HP ZBooks with an HP stylus pen to go hands-on with your work. Take notes, sketch out ideas, or illustrate a new product design all on a gorgeous display. After all, these workstations are perfect for graphic design, video editing, and any other creative pursuit.

The best mobile workstations from HP ZBook

Displays that go beyond full HD, epic battery life, and the latest tech make an HP ZBook mobile workstation a true industry standout. Click through to each model for in-depth reviews and more information, or search the full HP laptop selection to check out more from HP ZBook Studio.

The customizable and affordable HP ZBook Power

The HP ZBook Power G9 mobile workstation offers an accessible price point and a compact build, with loads of options to customize. Stick with a robust 12th Generation Intel Core™ i5 processor or upgrade to an Intel Core i9 for maximum performance.
Enjoy integrated Intel UHD graphics with the base configuration or choose from a variety of NVIDIA® corporation GPUs, up to NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 graphics. Your screen options top out at a gorgeous high-performance 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) display with UWVA anti-glare.

Try a bigger display with the HP ZBook Fury 17

Another customizable option, the HP ZBook Fury 17 G8 mobile workstation starts with an 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and tops out with a behemoth Intel Xeon® W-11955M vPro™ processor with support for WWAN (wide-area wireless network). That's top-tier performance for any small business.
It also sports a stunning 17.3-inch diagonal display, with tons of different options to help flesh out your configuration. This includes brightness ratings of up to 550 nits, anti-glare, 4K UHD resolution, and even a Webcam Touchscreen Ambient Light Sensor to help manage different lighting scenarios.

The perfect mobile workstation for on-the-go professionals

For a highly portable build and long battery life, the HP ZBook Firefly 15 G8 Mobile Workstation fits the bill. Its weight starts at 3.74 lbs, though it varies depending on the configuration.
You have plenty of options to customize, ranging from an Intel Core i5 processor with NVIDIA T500 Graphics to an Intel Core i7 with several different graphics options. You'll work with the extra confidence of a standard 3-year limited warranty, too, or you can save at checkout by opting for 1 year of coverage.

Ultimate protection with the Wolf Pro Security Edition

Highly secure and customizable, the HP ZBook Studio G8 - Wolf Pro Security Edition is ideal for heavy workloads and hectic routines thanks to an Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost Technology. It's also loaded with both integrated Intel UHD graphics and discrete NVIDIA RTX A2000 graphics.
Thanks to Wolf Pro Security features, this is one of the most robust and resilient workstations available. With this HP ZBook, you'll enjoy a built-in fingerprint sensor, HP Sure Start's self-healing BIOS, an HP Privacy Camera, and more standout perks.

Form factors for all types of work

You don’t work the same way every single day. You should expect the same versatility from your workstation laptop. Marry the convenience of a tablet with all the power of a regular laptop in a convertible device. Or maybe you’re looking for a simple detachable laptop. Whatever the case, your laptop should work with you and never against you.

4K displays that deliver unbeatable visuals

As an artist, scientist, or manager, you’re trained to see detail. We design our HP workstation laptops so every pixel is rendered beautifully and accurately. If you want to work with dual monitors, simply pair your workstation with an HP monitor to extend your screen real estate. With a compatible 4K display, you can take in the full scope of your latest project and never miss a thing.

Portable workstations as a true desktop replacement

Connect all your favorite HP accessories to create a multi-sensory experience. Do you spend lots of time streaming audio or conferencing on your mobile workstation? Plug in HP speakers so you can hear every detail on the next big call. You can also add a keyboard and traditional mouse for a more tactile work experience.
If you love your accessories, it may be the right time to invest in a docking station. They're a fantastic way to cut back on clutter and help you manage all of the accessories required to get through your workday.
With a central hub for everything your mobile workstation needs, you can really turn your home workspace into a fully functional office.

Collaborative, intuitive touches to make the world smaller

Even as you travel on business trips, you still need to connect with your work team at home or with clients abroad. In addition to crisp audio and accessory options, many of HP’s workstation laptops boast collaborative features like HD webcams.
That means you can get that all-important face time and make a distinct impression. You'll make sure everyone hears your ideas without distracting broken connections and pixelated visual quality.

Build out your office with a workstation and much more

Whether you need a capable office printer to create client-facing business documents or a large monitor to create the dual-screen office setup of your dreams, you can depend on the HP Store to provide you with the ultimate in computing.
From the newest processors to the best laptop cases to innovative solutions to your largest professional problems, there’s an HP product designed to improve the way you work.
Check out our selection of HP workstation laptops and other HP mobile workstations, customize your form factor to your exact specifications, and experience premium computing. We have the best prices on an excellent mobile workstation for any niche or need.
Work smarter, not harder with HP®. It’s time to leave your old office equipment in the past and add new tools that make sense for your mobile professional lifestyle. Whether you opt for the most secure Wolf Pro series laptops or a popular HP ZBook Studio, you're sure to love your HP mobile workstation.