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How a Layout Construction Robot Enhances Construction and Contractor Coordination

HP SitePrint Blog

How a Layout Construction Robot Enhances Construction and Contractor Coordination
HP SitePrint Blog

If you're the lead of a construction company and want to improve coordination between your company and contractors, you may benefit from integrating a construction robot into your operations. These solutions are among the many technological advancements that are carrying the construction industry into the future.
Discover how these robots can improve your relations with contractors and simplify the layout process.

Introducing Layout Construction Robots in Construction

Construction layout robots are innovative solutions that can streamline the layout process from start to finish. The latest developments in these robots make them highly efficient and capable of facilitating all types of projects.
The use of construction robots is particularly crucial in helping coordinate construction projects, as they can help:

  • Shorten project timelines.
  • Make the most of available budgets.
  • Help construction firms achieve their business goals and KPIs.
Ultimately, these solutions can help companies achieve real success as they grow and expand their operations.

Construction Layout Robots in Action

Construction projects need accurate layouts before work can officially begin. But the layout process is ordinarily time-consuming and comes with the risk of communication errors. With the help of a construction robot designed to optimize layouts, construction firms and the contractors they hire can benefit from a simplified process.
Layout robots work by using a 2D CAD file to guide their work. Before performing the layout, you must prepare the designated site just as you would with manual layouts. But one added advantage of a construction robot is the use of sensors to detect and avoid any obstacles that remain. The construction robot can then execute the layout with optimized efficiency.
Additionally, these robots can print on multiple surfaces with state-of-the-art printing systems, and their small design makes them easy to move between locations.
HP SitePrint's construction robot solution is particularly helpful in increasing the efficiency of operations. Skanska recently benefited from using our layout robot.1 Siteline 360-s’s Regional Director, Michael Hill, explained some details about the project, highlighting that it was, “2,400 square feet, we printed all the walls in 45 minutes. It took the layout technician seven hours to do that work."

The Benefits of Using Layout Robots to Enhance Coordination

A construction robot can greatly improve coordination between construction companies and general contractors through more accurate and streamlined workflows.
For example, the robot can print any text from the CAD file. It can provide specific indications to the contractors, eliminating any potential miscommunication affecting the work when manual processes are involved. The robot also completes work with accuracy and precision, reducing the risk of error that can lead to future issues. Robots can print text on slabs and other surfaces. This may also help with coordination by providing multiple teams with key information.
As you and your hired contractors work together, you can stay on the same page with cloud-based robotic technology that allows for improved coordination and communication during the planning stages.

The Future of Construction Workflows & Coordination

Construction companies and contractors alike are looking for new ways to improve operations and complete work with more efficacy. Many technological developments have come along to meet these demands. Teams collaborating and coordinating construction projects together can benefit from more automated and accurate robotic solutions that prevent errors and generally optimize operations.
Construction robots of all types have been able to improve various construction processes. Consider drones that can scan sites and reach dangerous areas that human workers can't or layout robots that simplify ground layouts with professionals not needing to bend on their knees to manually do it. Meanwhile, cloud-based communication solutions combined with robotics will also help with more simplified communications between firms and stakeholders and between the job site and the office. Digitization of all processes will keep all data synchronized and help eliminate errors. It will also provide teams with consistently accurate data to allow for better communication.

The Benefits of Layout Process Simplification

Skanska also recognized the benefits of using HP SitePrint construction robots to simplify layouts. Skanska's Director of Emerging Technology, Albert Zulps, had this to say about the solution: "It only needs one operator. Trying to be more efficient, more green, I think doing more with less is always important. And use it to do more quality control."
Ferrovial found HP SitePrint's ability to print text particularly helpful in communication.2  Ferrovial's Chief of Production, Carlos Magriñá Amat, stated, "The possibility of printing text by the robot is very interesting, because that way we avoid losing information with all the heavy work that happens after us on the construction site." As more teams work to complete the project, that text serves as communicative guidelines to keep the project timely and accurate.
Other teams have also found construction layout robots to be extremely helpful in simplifying their operations. From increased accuracy and precision to optimized communications and fast executions, there are plenty of reasons to use this and other construction technology to future-proof your business.

Move Your Operations Into the Future With Layout Construction Robots and More

As you look for ways to continually improve your operations and maintain a competitive edge, you'll want to adopt more innovations in the construction industry. Today, you can use plenty of technological solutions to facilitate more efficient and accurate processes along with better communication. By integrating these solutions into your business, you'll benefit from:

  • More cost-effectiveness
  • Improved project coordination at every stage
  • The ability to achieve your company goals more easily
One such solution, a layout construction robot, will be able to simplify the planning process using innovations that reduce the inefficiency and inaccuracy of manual layouts. Embracing this solution and others can go a long way in keeping your business relevant and impressive to stakeholders.
With the construction industry constantly evolving and moving toward a streamlined future, technology-driven coordination is everything. To ensure your success, it's crucial to overcome the potential challenges of adopting new technologies and take the necessary steps to stay ahead in your industry.
If you would like to learn more about how HP SitePrint can optimize your operations, explore our site and contact us today. We'll put you in touch with one of our experts.

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