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Key features to look for when buying a 24-inch printer plotter


Considering the versatility of today’s large format printers, architect, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals can gain access not just to fast, convenient, high-quality printing, but a slew of exciting applications—beyond technical blueprints and plans. Now you can use 24-inch large format printers for marketing and promotional products, flyers, posters, and more.
If you’re in the business of AEC, it’s not a question of IF you should purchase a large format printer plotter for your business. Rather, it’s which one is right for you? The purpose of this blog is to help you identify key features that you should be evaluating in the decision-making process.

Capabilities to consider

• Simplicity – 24-inch printing that’s quick to install and even easier to use
• Connectivity – convenient connectivity options that fit the way you work
• Quality – High-resolution prints with clear, accurate results across applications
• Speed – Speeds that keep the business continually moving forward


Technical printing for the non-tech-savvy user

AECs have enough to think about and do without worrying about how to operate their large format printer. That’s why you want to look for a 24-inch printer that is just as easy to operate as any home or office printer. HP’s 24-inch DesignJet printers—from the T200 and T600 series through to our stylish STUDIO printers—are designed to deliver incredible simplicity.

A recent review of the T200 series described the product as a “relief” to set up, taking only 10 minutes. And all of our 24-inch printers include HP Click software, a simple print job tool that enables you to print high-quality drawings, posters, and more with just one click. Users can even print multiple files at once. Another benefit with HP’s 24-inch large format printer plotters is the HP Smart app, which you can connect to your desktop, PC, and mobile device to manage your printer from anywhere.

Connect in more ways than one

Another factor that plays into your printing experience is connectivity. You want to make sure that you choose a large format solution that provides multiple connectivity options—like Wi-Fi 802.11, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and Gigabit Ethernet—that allow you to connect with and use your printer in a way that makes the best sense for your business and work style. For example, you may want your printer positioned in an out of the way spot in your office, in which case, wireless capabilities are an important consideration.

Quality that communicates effectively and reflects your professionalism

It goes without saying that high-quality output is essential. Whether you’re promoting your business with marketing materials or sharing drawings with an important client, every large format print, poster, blueprint has got to look good—that means clear, sharp text, fine line quality, and vibrant and accurate colors with every print. Resolution is a key consideration. And it’s important to note that all of HP’s 24-inch printers deliver 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution, including our entry T200 series, so top quality with HP is never—ever—a question.

Print at the speed of business

While speed might not be one of the top considerations for a 24-inch printer, you don’t ever want you large format printer to slow you down. You also want to make sure that the speeds you expect to get don’t come at a sacrifice. Keep in mind that speed can vary depending on image, paper type, and resolution settings.

That’s why you want a large format printer that keeps pace with the speed of business. And with HP, that is always a consideration. For example, the HP DesignJet T650 prints 24-inch wide projects in just 26 seconds—two large format prints per minute—without impacting quality. Our entry DesignJet T210 delivers one large format print in 45 seconds (at the default setting), which is a decent speed for this class; and—for businesses printing low-to-moderate volumes—it might just be perfect for your needs.

Other things to think about

Printing costs: Ink isn’t cheap. And when you’re thinking about the cost of printing in large format, you’re definitely going to want to consider operating costs—and the price of supplies. One thing to note with HP DesignJet ink cartridges is that our entire 24-inch portfolio uses 95% less ink compared to common printers.

Media handling: Consider what types of documents you’ll be printing. Different printers offer a range of different media handling options from rolls to sheets—and different sized prints up to 24-inches. Select the media sizes and capabilities that best suit your business needs.

Your style: While printer features are important, so is your brand and the message your printer conveys. For design-savvy offices, the look of your large format printer might be the deal breaker. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into the ID of our 24-inch HP DesignJet STUDIO Printers, which come in wood and steel finishes, to create the impression you’re after.

Don’t take our word for it. This is your printer, and it should meet your needs. We invite you to do your own research, but make sure to check out HP’s 24-inch large format portfolio—including the HP DesignJet T200 Printer series, HP DesignJet T600 Printer series, and HP DesignJet STUDIO printers. You can find all the information you’re looking for right here.

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