Simply the world’s easiest large-format plotters1

HP DesignJet T600 plotter series


HP DesignJet T600 series

At the office or on the job-site, bring your biggest ideas to life from virtually anywhere with the high-quality, easy-to-use plotter.

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HP DesignJet T630
  • Available in 24” and 36"
  • Up to 30 second A1 print speed
  • 1GB of internal memory
  • Stand included
  • Roll cover accessory
  • Automatic sheet feeder included


HP DesignJet T650
  • Available in 24” and 36"
  • 24”- up to 26 second A1 print speed
  • 36”- up to 25 second A1 print speed
  • 1GB of internal memory
  • Stand included
  • Roll cover included
  • Automatic sheet feeder included
  • Optional service warranty bundle available


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Extreme simplicity

Extreme simplicity

  • + HP Click

    Radically simple printing experience with this easy-to-use job-submittal tool. With one click3, print the most common formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWF, files from a PC or Mac. Ideal for CAD documents.


  • + HP Smart App

    Print your jobs and manage your plotter from virtually anywhere, anytime with the HP Smart App.


  • + HP Bright Office Inks

    Designed to support the way you work, HP Bright Office Inks render outstanding quality together with bright, finely distinguishable colors. Meet last-minute deadlines with inks that deliver high-quality results and perform to your expectations.


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1. The HP DesignJet Studio Printer series, the HP DesignJet T600 Printer series and the HP DesignJet T200 Printer series are the only solutions providing seamless printing of both large- and small-format sheets automatically in a multi-size print basket compared to competitive alternatives with comparable size and features as of January, 2020.
2. More sustainable design compared to the previous printer models (HP DesignJet T100 Printer series) replaced with the HP DesignJet T200 Printer series. Based on calculations in accordance with ISO 14040/14044 Life Cycle Assessments using ReCiPe (H) v. 1.1 (2016) on GaBi 8.5 (2018) software and scaled to reflect expected yearly sales.
3. Once image is selected, one-click printing when printing the entire file without any modifications to the print settings. Applicable to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWF and HP-GL/2 files