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New HP DesignJet Portfolio to Maximize Architecture, Engineering and Construction Pro Workflows

By Daniel Martinez, General Manager, Large Format Business

October 05, 2023

The dramatic changes over the past few years have architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms seeing the transformative potential of the hybrid work model. This paradigm shift has not only enriched the work-life balance of these professionals but has also helped to increase productivity and creativity.

With more than half of AEC professionals working on a hybrid schedule,1 firms are completely redefining traditional workflows and embracing innovative approaches to project management, design, and construction. While this is reshaping the current AEC landscape, it is also positioning it for continued success in a rapidly evolving digital age.

Today HP announced a new 36-inch DesignJet portfolio that simplifies the printing needs of AEC professionals who need superior printing experiences that adapt to new workflows and processes. More than ever, our customers need easy-to-use tools that help them be more productive and deliver high- quality work in the office, at home or remotely. With our new HP DesignJet lineup, alongside software like HP Click2 and the HP app,3 users can print, monitor jobs and check device status from virtually anywhere, as well as collaborate on documents with colleagues.



Easy printing experiences

Gain a sustainability edge

High-speed, secure print jobs

Sustainably Designed

With the new DesignJet portfolio, customers also have the benefit of running their business while achieving their sustainability goals. Thanks to HP’s Forest First initiative, every page4 a user prints with the HP DesignJet T850/T950, Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP or XL 3800 contributes to HP’s forest restoration efforts.5

The HP DesignJet T850/T950 family is made from at least from 35%6 recycled plastic, uses carboard- based cartridges,7 and along with the DesignJet Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP can be scheduled to power on and off automatically to reduce energy consumption. Meanwhile, the T850/T950 and XL 3800 are made with at least 33% recycled content.8


Secure Out Of The Box

Remote work comes with increased security risks. We’re proud to share that the HP DesignJet XL 3800 is the world’s most secure large format printer.9 HP has built Wolf Security protection into the HP DesignJet T850/T950 and XL 3800, helping to deliver comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency.


Solutions For All AEC Requirements

The new HP DesignJet lineup consists of three products catering to all AEC users.

  • HP DesignJet T850/T950:
    • Save time by moving effortlessly from A3 to A1 prints, with the A3-to-Large Format integrated device
    • High-quality CAD and renders on any size and application
    • Simplify remote collaboration with one-click scan and copy workflows from the front panel
  • HP DesignJet Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP:
    • Accelerate turnarounds with speeds of up to:
      • 90 A1 pages/hour for the T85810
      • 120 A1 pages/hour for the T908 MFP11
    • Confidently refill ink—even while printing—with spill-free bottle system12
    • Maximize efficiency - with reduced energy consumption and 85% less ink used for routine cleaning13
    • Available in certain Asia markets only (see end of the post for more details)
    • Suitable for copy shops
  • HP DesignJet XL 3800:
    • Keep projects moving with the fastest color printer in its class at 6 A1/D color pages/min,14 and first page out in 20 seconds15
    • Excellent CAD lines and graphics applications in mono and color
    • Optimize space with 20% more compactness16
    • Perfect for copy shops and enterprises

The HP DesignJet T850/950 and the HP DesignJet XL 3800 are expected to be commercially available in all major markets starting October 17th and October 30th, respectively.

The HP DesignJet Smart Tank T858/T908 MFP is expected to be commercially available from October 17th. The T858 is only available in Indonesia and Vietnam. The T908 MFP is only available in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

For more information on HP Imagine, visit our newsroom.

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