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  1. The Latest HP Monitors for Gamers

    The Latest HP Monitors for Gamers
    The gaming market is continuously evolving, and the number of gamers has grown. While finding a gaming monitor has become easier with endless choices on the market, most gamers require top-notch specifications for their needs - and at a decent price. This is where it becomes challenging, as the specifications and price range can vary depending on the type of games you want to play. 

    For most modern-day Triple-A games, you need to consider variable refresh rates, frame rates, lower input lag, and quicker response times. Likewise, higher-end gaming monitors also
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  2. What Monitor Ports Types Do I Need?

    HP Monitor Ports

    Today’s computer monitor comes with a variety of port options, all of which have different functions and use cases. And when it comes to buying a new monitor, you’ll want to know exactly which ports are included in your latest device.

    But which ports do you actually need? Well, it all depends. If you own a legacy device, you may require certain older style ports in addition to the latest, speediest ones.

    To make sense of all things port-related, read on. We’ll help you learn more about the most common ports, which ones you need to connect your favorite monitor, and when you may need them.

    What monitor ports are most common?

    HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C™ are the most common types of monitor ports and cables, and you’ll find them on the majority of modern

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