Business man and woman discussing work with HP laptops

If you’re a business or enterprise user, chances are you're in the market for a professional-grade computer. While business laptops may come with a higher price point, they are also built with features that standard consumer laptops won’t have.

HP’s business laptops don’t just offer powerful processing, long battery life, and a durable chassis, but also multiple measures of security solutions to ensure stronger protection for you to browse and work safely in the office, at home or on the road.

HP Premium Security

While working at cafes, you’ve probably accessed sensitive data using public hotspots that might not be secure. Although software security such as firewalls and anti-virus software may block cyber threats, it has its limitations. This is why it’s more effective to seek out a system with built-in hardware security.

HP PCs come with a best-in-class suite of hardware and software security features that are engineered to protect, detect and recover from cyberattacks before they become headlines.

HP Sure Sense

A hp laptop keeps opening multiple windows

Thousands of new malware variants are created every day, and traditional antivirus can't always recognize new attacks.

HP Sure Sense uses proprietary deep learning algorithms and advanced neural network technology to instinctively recognize malware and protect against unforeseeable attacks.

HP Sure Recover

Laptop recovers files attacked by malware using HP Sure Recovery

Reinstalling a fresh copy of your operating system (OS) is an effective way to eliminate software-based malware. Unfortunately, reimaging (Restoring a computer to its factory setting) can be time-consuming.

HP Sure Recover ensures fast, secure, and automated recovery of your OS with only a network connection, so you can minimize downtime and get back to business fast.

HP Sure Click

A Pop-up notice blocking when login to untrusted wi-fi connection using HP Sure Click

Malware can also be hidden in seemingly innocent files, downloaded from the web or sent as email attachments. Stay protected when browsing websites and downloading read-only Microsoft® Office and PDF attachments with HP Sure Click.

It opens untrusted websites and files in isolated virtual containers, called micro-virtual machines (Micro-VM). These Micro-VMs work by tricking the malware into thinking it’s running inside your computer. Just close the browser tab or file, and the malware is gone.

HP Sure Start

BIOS protection antivirus

BIOS protection is more important than ever. If malware affects the BIOS, an attacker can get unlimited control of your PC to steal valuable data, inject ransomware, or render your PC inoperable. Because antivirus software is unable to monitor for attacks in the firmware, malware hiding in the BIOS can be virtually impossible to detect.

Stay protected with HP Sure Start, the world's first and only self-healing BIOS. It automatically identifies any unauthorised changes to the BIOS, rather than trying to find known malware—which means that HP Sure Start can protect you against attacks the world has never seen before.

HP Sure Run

Malware often targets key defenses in its attacks, attempting to turn them off or disable them to gain greater access to your PC.

HP Sure Run thwarts attackers by keeping your defenses up and running. It monitors them, alerts the user of any changes, and restarts them automatically if they’re stopped.

HP Sure View

A man turned on the HP sure view to make screen appear dark and unreadable from the side with privacy screen

It only takes one person spotting one piece of information to leave a company exposed to the results of a data breach.

Instantly protect against prying eyes with HP Sure View integrated privacy screen. At the touch of a button, it reduces up to 95% of visible light when the screen is viewed from the side, making it appear dark and unreadable.

HP Manageability Integration Kit

Streamline the management of security, hardware, and BIOS settings with the HP Manageability Integration Kit. Speed up image creation and management of HP BIOS, security, hardware, software when managing devices through Microsoft SCCM.

Privacy Protected

Never wonder if someone is watching.

No need to cover your webcam with tacky stickers anymore. With a built-in visible camera shutter, now you can do anything knowing that you’re really in privacy mode.

HP Privacy Camera

A man sliding the shutter to close the webcam on his HP laptop

Worry no more with a physical shutter that protects you from malicious surveillance. Just slide the shutter to close your webcam when you’re not using it.

HP Sure Shutter

Block the webcam by pressing the close shutter button on keyboard of HP laptop

For laptops with a touchscreen display, the integrated electronic shutter is located behind the cover glass. Simply press a dedicated key on the keyboard to securely block your webcam.

Other security features

HP Client Management Solutions

This comprehensive portfolio helps reduce the complexity and cost of managing commercial PCs through client management software from HP and third parties, jointly developed value-adds, and HP manageability tools.

HP TamperLock

Physical attacks on devices (When a target device is disassembled to modify or directly probe the system board) are an increasing concern. Examples include flash memory replacement, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) probing and Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks.

HP TamperLock detects an attacker opening the case of your PC and provides configurable protection mechanisms against physical attacks on PC internals.

Fingerprint reader

A lady scan on fingerprint reader to logon her hp laptop

Your fingerprints are unique to you, making them a secure way to log on to your computer. With a fingerprint reader, you can log on to applications and secure websites by scanning your fingerprint instead of typing your username and password on the keyboard.

Integrated Tile tracker

Tile helps you find your items with an app on your mobile device or HP laptop by playing an audible ring, showing its last-seen location on a map, or enabling the Tile community to help find lost items.

Tile is built into select HP laptops including HP Elite Dragonfly and all HP EliteBook G8 with Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake processor and Intel WLAN.

MIL-STD-810G and HP Total Test Process

Mil-spec testing is widely used as the benchmark of quality for commercial products in multiple industries. The standard outlines dozens of test methods, each associated with a source of environmental stress, such as vibration, moisture dust extreme temperatures or humidity.

HP Total Test Process (TTP) is an exhaustive series of rigorous tests and validation procedures that demonstrate superior quality and reliability in a wide range of applications and operating environments.

Windows 10 Security

All HP Business laptops run on Windows 10. Together with HP’s security solutions, you can ensure that you and your enterprise from evolving malware and cybersecurity threats.

Windows Defender Application Guard stops malware from malicious websites infecting your PCs by isolating their browser activities from the rest of the system, while Windows Defender System Guard protects system processes from tampering, even when a malicious attacker has control of the OS.

Stay protected wherever you work

A office man doing his works with a risk-free HP laptop

With cyberattacks getting more sophisticated and more successful, just using anti-virus software isn’t enough these days. Choosing a technology that is designed with security in mind can significantly mitigate the risks and reduce the potential damage caused by an attack.

By educating yourself about the biggest cybersecurity threats, you can know the real risks out there and confidently invest in IT solutions to help mitigate those risks.