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HP PageWide XL for Print Service Providers

With high-speed, short-term poster production, HP PageWide XL Pro printers empower you to capture new opportunities.

Fast turn-around response

Fast turn-around response

  • + Temporary posters

    With instant-dry prints on compatible substrates, output is ready for finishing or delivery right away.

  • + Communication boards

    Complete your offering by including large-format cardstock and boards from A2 up to B1 with thickness up to 10 mm.

  • + Double-sided hanging posters

    Save on preparation and finishing costs3 with easy double-sided poster production.

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HP PageWide XL Pro 10000 printer

Maximum turnaround time for retail poster production.

  • Up to 700m2 or 1,000 B1 posters per hour
  • Up to 6 rolls
  • Sustained productivity with 5L ink supplies.
  • A complete solution with new accessories for digital printing


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HP PageWide XL Pro 8200 MFP

Print poster applications, with high speeds.

  • Up to 500m2 per hour or 30 A1/min
  • Up to 6 rolls
  • 3L HP Eco-Carton ink supplies


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HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 MFP

Quick response to your customer demand.

  • Up to 400m2 per hour or 20 A1/min
  • 1L HP Eco-Carton ink supplies
  • Up to 4 rolls


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HP PageWide XL Pro software solutions

We want to provide more than high-speed quality prints. We want to provide you with solutions.

HP PrintOS2

Control your fleet production—even when you’re away.



Easily integrates into the same job submission workflow as your other graphics equipment.


HP SmartStream

Print dual-sided sheets and boards in an optimised workflow with automatic flip.


HP PageWide XL Pro loading and finishing solutions

HP PageWide XL Pro Sheet Feeder

Take productivity to the next level with the first fully integrated large-format sheet feeder.1 Complete your end-to-end cut sheet workflow with fast, reliable operation that easily keeps pace with your HP PageWide XL Pro Printer. 


HP PageWide XL Pro Stacker

The HP PageWide XL Stacker Pro, built for HP PageWide XL Pro printers, is just what you need to speed up the entire printing process. This versatile, productive, and fully integrated stacker accommodates jobs of different sizes and thicknesses. 


Fast colour, excellent quality

HP large-format printing materials

HP offers a range of printing materials designed together with HP PageWide XL inks to provide uncompromising performance and value every time.


ColorPRO Technology

Materials that carry the ColorPRO Technology trademark are designed together with HP PageWide XL Inks, and demonstrate visibly enhanced print quality.


Certified media

Media certified for HP PageWide XL Inks opens your business to profit potential, while saving you the ramp-up time associated with testing media yourself.


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  1. Up to 700 m2 or 1,000 B1 posters per hour. The HP PageWide XL Pro 10000 Printer delivers up to 700 m2 or 1,000 B1 posters per hour. Number of pages will vary depending on the print mode and application printed.
  2. HP Print OS Requires an HP PrintOS account, Internet connection, and connected Internet-capable device. For more information, see
  3. Save on preparation and finishing costs. Based on testing commissioned by HP and performed by Sogeti in September, 2020 comparing the HP PageWide XL Pro 8200/5200 Printer series and a comparable competitive printer that represents the majority market share of LED printers worldwide as of 2019 according to IDC, by preparing and printing the job. Test performed by sending 3 copies of a 6-page file combining sizes A0, A1 and plain, coated paper types. Measuring time from clicking “send” button until last page out of the printer. Printed in fast/CAD equivalent print quality mode.